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Are Days Of Enterprise IT Service Management Platforms Over ?
Published on September 17, 2016

Most of us who have been working on IT Service Management stream of IT have used or evaluated or come across monitoring or management tools. There are open source tools such as NagiOS, and tools that do only monitoring to advanced monitoring and management tools from the 'Big Four'. Popularly known as ESM tools, these tools provide different levels of IT monitoring and management.

True Sense Of Private Cloud
Published on September 17, 2016

According to reports done by leading analyst firms on enterprise technologies global private cloud adoption figures claim to be over 30% with over 20% claiming to be moving rather fast on the build-out. A deeper look at these reports will reveal - the fine print is where the reality of the true adoption of private clouds is stated. The very definition of Private Cloud is skewed in most cases - and in most of the mentioned 30% cases the key features of private cloud such as metered usage, multi-tenancy, etc. are clearly missing.

Datacenter Migration
Published on September 14, 2016

Datacenter migration is often regarded as a purely technical, almost trivial side-project, to be delivered by existing IT staff alongside their day jobs. With core business services reliant on IT, a datacenter migration can expose the business itself to a significant degree of risk. This article discusses the case that it is essential to plan, manage and execute a datacenter migration with the appropriate level of rigour and control, utilizing proven methods and expertise to ensure the business can continue uninterrupted.