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Addressing 10 Key Data Center Challenges By Colocation
Published on September 17, 2016

Stability, Reliability, Robustness, Scalability, Cost, Speed, Staffing, Standardization, Monitoring and Management challenges typical to Data Centers can be addressed by colocation

Consolidate It, Co-Locate It, Cloud It
Published on September 17, 2016

Data Centers are in demand as business leaders start placing more and more importance in IT as the enabler and growth-engine of the business. The pressure on Data Center managers (read CIOs) are tremendous today, and alternatives to building more and more data center capacities are being thought of - such as IT outsourcing, cloud computing and colocation services.

Datacenter Migration
Published on September 14, 2016

Datacenter migration is often regarded as a purely technical, almost trivial side-project, to be delivered by existing IT staff alongside their day jobs. With core business services reliant on IT, a datacenter migration can expose the business itself to a significant degree of risk. This article discusses the case that it is essential to plan, manage and execute a datacenter migration with the appropriate level of rigour and control, utilizing proven methods and expertise to ensure the business can continue uninterrupted.