Intel’s Hadoop Play Will Boost Cloud Usage in India

Article by Shriranga Mulay

Intel’s distro of Hadoop will help enterprises implement the big data analysis solution faster and with ease thereby boosting their adoption of hosting and cloud based solutions from third-party providers

Semiconductor giant Intel’s launch of a distribution that enhances the Apache Hadoop platform is a view to expand to a wider range of uses, and in hope to build the next-generation of analytics solutions. The plan, at least the core of it, is the release of Intel distro for Apache Hadoop. The launch was supported by over 20 partners – OEMs such as Cisco and Quanta, System Integrators, ISVs such as Flytxt, SAP and SAS, and many training providers all were part of the distro launch.

According to Intel, the software taps on the combined features of the Xeon processor, solid state drives (SSDs) and 10GbE networking to fully process one terabyte of data in as little as 7 minutes. Gartner predicts that over 65% of packaged analytic applications will utilize Hadoop by 2015.

The Intel distro of Hadoop comes with ease of development, management and enhancements that can help companies adopt the platform faster. The distro offers performance enhancements that will help large enterprises also to implement and use. It is secure – using Intel’s advanced encryption standard new instruction, AES-NI, for encryption at almost no performance loss. All in all, it looks like an enterprise-ready, Intel-backed solution that mid and large enterprises as well as smaller organizations will lap up.

So how does this impact the cloud and data center providers?

Companies in the retail space, Banking, Telecom, and most customer centric organizations will join the bandwagon of big data analysis to help them get better intelligence from the volumes of data that they have generated.

These organizations are most likely to take advantage of the robust, secure and high performing cloud and hosting providers within the country to help run their big data analysis workloads. At various time of the year such as Diwali, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc. big data requirements will shoot up. These companies will want to take advantage of their ability to do in-time analysis to quickly ramp up or down their business, change strategies and hit the market faster based on these analysis.

These companies will choose provider who can deliver robust, secure, high performing and scalable hosting as well as cloud based solutions at effective cost options.