The Ninth India CFO Awards

Location: Mumbai

IMA India's Annual CFO of the Year Awards are a recognition of excellence in the finance function. These awards also recognise excellence in finance across various categories of businesses which include public sector enterprises (PSU), multinational corporations, large Indian corporations and small and medium enterprises (SME). Currently in its ninth year of inception, The India CFO Awards recognise distinction in finance and honour those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding capabilities and achievements by combining the imperatives of business leadership and excellence together with those of integrity and sustainability.

Each year, The India CFO Awards are supported through sponsorship by organisations which see merit in the profile of participation at the Awards and equally, appreciate and understand the importance of the finance function. The India CFO Awards aim to provide sponsors with a unique opportunity to gain profile and exposure amongst the ‘right’ audience. The Awards provide sponsor companies an opportunity to demonstrate an explicit commitment to the CFO community across industry sectors and segments. The India CFO Awards reflect the sponsor company’s commitment to excellence, achievement and intellectual pursuit.

Netmagic is proud to partner as Category Sponsor for these awards, where the award for 'Excellence in the use of technology' will be given away by Sharad Sanghi, MD & CEO, Netmagic Solutions.

There are nine categories of Awards and the overarching CFO of the Year Award. In addition, a special category - the CFO Lifetime Achievement Award has been added this year.

  • CFO of the Year
  • Excellence in Cost Management
  • Excellence in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Excellence in Finance in a Start-up
  • Excellence in Capital Restructuring (Raising Capital/ Retiring Debt)
  • Excellence in Talent Management
  • Excellence in the Use of Technology
  • Excellence in Risk Management / Mitigation
  • Excellence in Finance to Enable a Turnaround
  • Excellence in Financial Control / Compliance/ Corporate Governance and Ethics
  • The CFO Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominations are being evaluated now. The Presentation Ceremony will be hosted on March 22, 2013 at The Trident, Nariman Point (by invitation only).

About IMA India

International Market Assessment (IMA) India is a unique firm that provides business enterprises with strategic research, business intelligence and market insights together with sound independent advice on various aspects of the operating environment. Established in 1994, the firm offers three broad service lines built around the objective of delivering authentic, analytical and practical insights to country managers and other senior executives:

  • Executive briefings and business intelligence through The India CEO Forum and The India CFO Forum
  • Proprietary research, market analysis and advisory services
  • Top management conferences and business meetings

In India, IMA has three offices (Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore). Across the Asia Pacific, IMA India operates as part of AXP, a network of consulting and business advisory firms

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