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Massively Scalable SAN / NAS (CIFS / NFS) Cloud Storage  



Massively Scalable SAN / NAS (CIFS / NFS) Cloud Storage



To cost effectively store large volumes of data, Netmagic provides SimpliStor, an always on, highly redundant, highly secure and massively scalable SAN / NAS storage environment on enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure.

Enterprises that have moved their storage to SimpliStor have benefitted in multiple ways, including:

  • A dedicated NFS storage layer
  • Ability to create virtual storage instances starting from 5 GB
  • Flexibility to load multiple instances on multiple virtual machines
  • OS and platform agnostic storage options
  • Upto 99.99 % storage availability


Netmagic offers an extensive range of architecture, deployment and management services for public, private, hosted or virtual private cloud for different applications, as required.


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