Extra Large

Double Extra Large

Connections 64,000 500,000 2,000,000
BW Throughput 30 mbps 300 mbps 900 mbps
# VPN Tunnels 5 100
HA Support

High Availability

Customers who subscribe to either Medium or Large or Extra Large or Extra Extra Large sized VFAs can contract HA (High Availability) services to ensure maximum redundancy. These customers will not only attain resiliency at the device level, but also a secondary level of resilience via a Second Network Uplink.

Though the Cloud by design is resilient to any instance / hardware failure, Netmagic provides an additional layer of resiliency on the Network path i.e. the uplink to the customer setup and thus provide a maximum level of protection from any kind of device or network failures.

Customers subscribing to Cloud HA Firewall Services get 2 VFA appliances on 2 separate Grids which have 2 separate Uplinks to the Internet. These 2 Uplinks are connected to the 2 different Core networks within the Netmagic Datacenter. This maximizes availability and uptime through maximum resiliency.

The HA works on a failover mode and in the event that the primary VFA instance is unavailable, the secondary instance will take over immediately and resume protection of the customer’s Cloud infrastructure without any service disruption.

NOTE: Billing for the Customers who subscribe to the HA service, will be based on the aggregation/addition of data transfer of both VFA instances.

Plan name Monthly rental (INR)
Small 1200
Medium 1700
Medium with HA 2500
Large 2200
Large with HA 3500
Extra Large 5000
Extra Large with HA 6000
Double Extra Large 6000
Double Extra Large with HA 7000


The customers who subscribe to the VFA Large Instance and onwards can avail of the VPN functionality of the virtual appliance. The VFA Large instance offers the following capabilities:

  • Site-to-site VPN
  • Dialup VPN

The site-to-site VPN provides end-to-end IP-Sec encryption, with the following encryption levels supported:

  • 3 DES
  • AES 128 Bits
  • AES 256 Bits

A dialup VPN can be established by the individual users (for Desktops, etc) to connect to the Cloud infrastructure of the customer in a secured and encrypted manner. Using these VPN capabilities prevents the customer from having to open any management ports to the outside world as they can connect the network over the VPN. The customer can even perform a secure data transfer between their In-house / collocated infrastructure and the cloud infrastructure. The customer can access the devices on their private IPs and not the Natted Public IPs, once they connect on the VPN.

NOTE: The customer should ensure that they do not have the same IP range (the exact subnet allotted to the customer) on the Netmagic Cloud infrastructure. This is because once connected over the VPN, the Private network of the customers cloud infrastructure is extended to the remote end and may result in an IP clash.