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Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
Powered by AppDynamics, a Cisco company

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Real-time insights into critical applications and end-user experience


Today, businesses rely heavily on digital technology to deliver a superior customer experience. The digital technologies include a complex fabric of multiple clouds, IoT, distributed services, micro-services, containers, APIs and much more that need to work in harmony to ensure that the application performance as experienced by the end user is of high quality.

With the SaaS based Application Performance Monitoring (APM) service built on the industry leading platform of AppDynamics, NTT-Netmagic enables businesses to deliver flawless digital experiences consistently by connecting end-user experience and application performance to business outcomes. APMaaS is intuitive to configure and deploy, automatically discovers business transaction, consumes little production overhead, monitors every line of code, and dynamically baselines performance to proactively identify and resolve application performance issues before they impact customers and the business.


Gain clear visibility into underlying issues


In a 2019 survey by AppDynamics, the results indicated that as many as 84% of consumers experienced problems with digital services, proving that many organizations were failing to consistently deliver high-quality digital experiences that their customers expected and demanded.

The APM service will address the issues that customers normally face and enhance the customer experience on Managed Services as this gives clear visibility on the underlying components of the application and helps to point to the source of the problem in the entire application flow.

APM as a service modules and functionalities  


Depending on the issue faced or objective to be achieved, enterprises can select the desired module. The table below provides an indicative guideline:

Key Functionality Description
Application Performance Management: Core APM & Microservices
  • Troubleshoot application slow response and errors
  • Measure end-to-end business transaction performance, along with the health of individual application and infrastructure nodes.
  • Receive alerts based on custom or built-in health rules, including rules against dynamic performance baselines that alert you to issues in the context of business transactions.
Browser Real User Monitoring: BRUM
  • Reveal application bottlenecks across network, infrastructure middleware and application components
  • Reduce errors: Get visibility in to which page(s) is/are loading with JavaScript errors, including the script name and line number using "Browser Snapshots"
  • Understand how users are navigating through your website and what actions they are taking from Browser RUM Sessions.
  • Learn which environments experience the most crashes.
Mobile Real User Monitoring: MRUM
  • Reveal application bottlenecks across network, infrastructure middleware and application components
  • Trace an individual request from the initial user action in the mobile application through the associated business transaction(s) on the application server(s).
Synthetic Transactions Monitoring: ST
  • Proactive monitoring of the User journeys across Geographies
  • Robotic Agents triggers jobs from multiple locations
  • Single click, on-demand reports from UI
  • Can be run from a private network
Database Visibility
  • SQL statements or stored procedures that are consuming most of the system resources
  • Statistics on procedures, SQL statements, and SQL query plans
  • Time spent on fetching, sorting, or waiting on a lock
  • Activity from the previous day, week, or month
Server Visibility
  • Extended Hardware Metrics
  • Service Availability Monitoring
  • Server metrics in transaction snapshots
  • Monitor Docker container metrics from the Docker host
  • Network Visibility
Application Performance Management: SAP APM
  • Code-level transaction snapshots taken when performance deviates from baseline
  • Visibility in to transition of SAP platform from ECC to S/4HANA
  • Support for on-premises or cloud deployments of SAP business applications
  • Helps in providing visibility into SAP Applications for its Cloud Migration (compare before and after performance metrics).
  • Collect cloud metrics alongside SAP application-level metrics in the same tool

Key business benefits

The following are the benefits of the service that would add value to customers applications management:

Uptime and availability of the applications.

Quickly identify the source of the problem by analyzing the entire application flow

Slowness in response in terms of time and database can be identified using this service.

Application performance monitoring for end-users who use browsers and mobiles, tablets etc. to access the applications.

End to end application visualisation - from browser and mobile App to Application middleware and backend database

Faster response to problems through Application Run Book Automation

Improved situational awareness and DevOps collaboration with single pane of glass for cross-tier monitoring and role-based views

Upto 90% faster analysis with deep code-level diagnostics

Support for multiple hybrid environments including containers with Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js, Python and C++