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The Storage Matrix

In today’s world of digitization, e-commerce and Internet of Things (IoT) it has forced organizations to gear up and be prepared to address the ever increasing and continual storage growth. This does not stop here as with need of scalability the challenges also reap, in terms of identifying various sources of data, the retention mechanism, and most important to have a reliable infrastructure that address various forms of data. Organizations are faced with two options when they deliberate the ideal way to store the massive amount of data generated every day.

When to choose a dedicated storage system or an external hosted solution has still been a question. Though many companies still invest in dedicated storage solutions, many of them are also moving to cloud based storage model who has identified the relevant need in concurrence with the business requirements. It is estimated that by the end of 2016, 36% of all data will be stored on the cloud. However, as the two sides of a coin - there are pros and cons for each storage approach whether dedicated or cloud based.

There is no one size that fits all, therefore, it is important to understand and identify the correct approach based on an organization’s unique needs. The key business drivers for organization’s looking to adopt Cloud based storage and a dedicated storage varies based on performance centric storages, structured and unstructured data forms, On-site and off-site backup and archival, on-demand disaster recovery option and providing easy access to information that can be shared with appropriate users/applications.