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With modern enterprises looking to proactively respond to today’s fast-paced business environment, multi-cloud and ‘digital everything’ environments have become the order of the day. However, with scalability and agility of this new world, enterprise security has changed for good. The data today moves across systems, applications, devices, as well as technology stacks and hardware components both physical (legacy, on-premise IT) and virtualized (DC or cloud). The traditional perimeter has disappeared, making end-point security a necessary, but not a sufficient condition.

Given today’s situation, effective security means it needs to be seamlessly extended to the farthest reaches of the network and should even encompass those elements that may not be in the network yet. While enterprises are under constant cybersecurity threat, they are facing manifold challenges, including shortage of skills, cost and complexity of in-house security operations and lack of 24x7 coverage to ensure comprehensive security. Thus, many organizations are looking at outsourcing of cybersecurity processes and systems as a viable option.