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Shadow Map

Mapping and securing shadow IT in your organization. NTT-Netmagic’s Shadow Map service scans the entire internet to identify any and all exposures for your organization, grouped into categories and prioritized by risk in a real-time, on-going basis.

Why Shadow Map

Identifies publicly exposed services, applications and assets

Provides an inventory of application and services

Daily differential report identifying new gaps that open up

Identifies internal applications inadvertently exposed publicly

A Identifies security protection bypass issues

Maps client environment across global hosting footprint


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA&PT)


NTT-Netmagic’s VAPT service provides world-class Network and Web Application audit services using a seamlessly integrated Automated plus Manual testing workflow.

Why Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VA&PT)

Identifies logic vulnerabilities, alternate paths to sensitive assets & the true impact of identified issues

Helps you identify weakness and fix vulnerabilities to secure your network

Step by step instructions, POCs & examples for your specific software & versions

Unique combination of tools that give an output that is cross-referenced, correlated and fed to manual auditors for review & analysis

Our Our team of experts create test cases specific to your business concerns, priorities and pain areas


Firewall Audit and Assurance


NTT-Netmagic’s Firewall Audit and Analysis Service, powered by Skybox, is designed as a complete firewall life cycle management solution. It continuously verifies that firewalls are clean, optimized and effective.

Why Firewall Audit and Assurance

Analyse Physical, Virtual and Cloud-based firewalls to better control east-west or north-south traffic

Detect security and compliance problems using out–of–the–box or customized policies

Highlights access policy violations and provides root cause analysis

Identifies rule conflicts and misconfigurations

Supports next-generation firewall access and rule compliance at the user and application level

Delivered in a Multi-Tenant SaaS model giving clients better TCO

Enhanced vulnerability Intelligence for accurate Risk Modelling

Reveals vulnerabilities on firewalls