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10 reasons why you should opt for Dedicated Hosting


Author : Nitin Mishra
Date : June 29, 2015
Category : Dedicated Hosting

What is dedicated hosting? In a layman’s term, a dedicated hosting is an arrangement between your organization and your hosting service provider, where the latter provides aphysical server exclusively (dedicated) for running your applications. It’s like taking an unfurnished house on rent within the landlord’s property. You will not be disturbed by neighbors and decorate the place as you prefer within certain limits. The landlord is responsible for maintenance of certain things, which make the house livable whereas you are responsible for keeping it neat and clean.

Technically, Dedicated hosting or dedicated server is a traditional method of hosting where the user buys or leases a server from a hosting service provider and agrees to pay a certain amount for the services provided irrespective of its use. The service covers dedicated server hardware, network and power connectivity and a fixed maximum amount of dedicated compute resources available for the user.Your service provider is responsible for maintaining and managing the equipment and the redundant connections to the Internet.

Now, let us understand why should an organization opt for dedicated hosting. Here are the reasons to support this.

More Uptime

In dedicated hosting the service provider owns the overall SLA including resolution of hardware failures. Service provider has team that provides support on 24*7 basis , which is further backed by appropriate support and spares from the OEM and software vendors. With specialized skill sets and ITIL complaint processes you are assured of high uptimes.

Cost Savings - You Pay For What You Use

Your dedicated hosting service provider is responsible for upgrades and patches to the hardware, maintaining connectivity and providing an optimal physical environment. The OpEx on these services is much lesser when you compare it with an in-house installation. In a dedicated hosting arrangement, you do not have to pay for an entire server room and an HVAC system or a full time service administrator; you only pay for the facilities that you use. Your service provider takes care of upgrades and patches to your hosting environment.

Economies Of Scale

Your hosting service provider procures hardware, software and connectivity for all their customers. This results in cost savings for them as well as your organization. In a competitive environment these savings get passed on to you leading to cost savings for you.

A Reliable Bandwidth

For your dedicated hosting, if you have leased a 100Mbps connection, you will get the same bandwidth all the time unlike in a shared server environment where you may lose bandwidth because of other tenants sharing it. A reliable bandwidth available all the time ensures your applications are always up and running. You get burstability options to cater to your unexpected spurts in traffic.

Reliable Processing

In a dedicated hosting environment, you do not have to worry about the processing power of the CPU, as you will get the processing power you have opted for solely for running your applications. In a shared environment, the processing power gets distributed between other tenants, eventually slowing down the applications. 

Full Control Of Applications

With a dedicated hosting, you get to decide what site management tools and other application you would use for your hosted environment. However, the tools and applications that you use must be serviceable for your hosting service provider or it would lead to maintenance headaches.

Better Disaster Preparedness

Your hosting service provider provides adequate protection to your assets in case a disaster strikes. Hosting facilities are designed like bank vaults to withstand any potential threat or disaster and are located in different seismic zones. Further you can opt for a DR site or backup solutionsto ensure availability of data and resources in case of a disaster.

Free Up Your Staff To Focus On Strategic Issues

Your IT department can now focus on more strategic issues like developing new applications for supporting the growing business instead of routine maintenance chores.

A Dedicated hosting environment is custom-designed for each customer. Advanced hosting providers will allow you select specific CPU speeds, disk space requirements and other hardware components. Such automated server specification processes maximize your return-on-investment by ensuring that you only select the hardware you need.

Enhanced Security Arrangements

In a dedicated hosting arrangement, only you and your hosting service provider has access to the physical server on which your applications are hosted. Besides identity-based access to your hosting environment, your service provider will have surveillance cameras, biometric access control system, 24x7 patrolling, etc. for enhanced security. Advanced service providers also further offer advanced security services like DDos protection, web application firewall, VAPT and security incident management.

Heightened Virtual Security

As a virtue of your dedicated hosting environment, you do not share a server and operating system with other tenants; hence, a poorly configured application of some other tenant does not compromise your security. No one has the password to logon to your dedicated server except of course the authorized personnel of the service provider.

So now you’ve decided you would want to opt for a dedicated hosting solution, but you don’t want to design or manage the environment.Feel free to get a free consultation on what suits your needs the most. It is always smart to start planning for the future.

Author : Nitin Mishra

Nitin Mishra heads the product management and solutions engineering functions at Netmagic Solutions. During his nine years with the company, he has been responsible for conceptualizing and packaging hosting and managed services focused on IT infrastructure requirements of Internet and Enterprise applications.