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Backup & Recovery on AWS Cloud

Backup & Recovery on the AWS Cloud

Author : Rishiraj Nandedkar
Date : September 05, 2018
Category : Multi-Cloud

With the exponential growth in data, traditional backup and restore methods - such as tape libraries and secondary sites – are quickly falling behind. The natural extension for ever-increasing backup needs, unsurprisingly, has been the cloud. Cloud and hybrid IT are becoming more or less default models for most IT investments today. Leveraging public cloud infrastructure for backups adds to the overall scalability and resilience of enterprise IT, with minimal investments in equipment, licenses or skills.


AWS has been a leader in the Cloud Backup and Recovery space. The largescale adoption of AWS for backups has been due to the ‘elastic’ scalability it provides, along with a spectrum of data-transfer and networking options. Our experience with AWS cloud (not just backups, but for end-to-end cloud solutions) has been extremely strong, especially when backup and storage infrastructure needs to scale on-demand.


To start with, we cannot argue much with a figure like 99.999999999%. That’s the durability that AWS commits to for its backup environment, which matches (or even exceeds) on-premise infrastructure. AWS obviously has the massive scale and investments needed to ensure that your data is extremely well protected. You can additionally track security and regulatory compliance using AWS Security services. AWS’ other major strength in the backup area is workload flexibility. It offers multiple storage service options – such as Amazon S3, Glacier and EFS (Elastic File Service) and EBS (Elastic Block Storage), making it arguably the most workload-friendly storage environment available. We might have a few others offering similar options, but nowhere near the enterprise-grade performance that AWS gives.


Amazon Glacier is the other important aspect that makes AWS backups and archiving highly cost- efficient. This is a great ‘low-cost’ storage option for static data that also provides enterprise-grade security. Glacier costs per GB per month of storage can be upto 80% cheaper as compared to S3. However, S3 has more capabilities such as cross-replication which makes it more resilient. AWS also gives you a large number of cloud-native tools that enable organizations to integrate their backup and DR environments.


As an AWS storage services partner, NTT Comm. - Netmagic is building robust solutions and services to help customers deploy or migrate their backup environments on the AWS Cloud. Netmagic has strong domain expertise and cloud platform capabilities across an extensive range of backup and DR scenarios. If you are considering AWS for your backup and recovery needs, or are interesting in understanding how you can get started, make sure you get in touch with us!

Author : Rishiraj Nandedkar

DGM and Practice Head for Data Protection


Rishiraj has been instrumental in building the Data Protection portfolio at Netmagic. In over a decade at the organisation, he’s assisted several of its enterprise customers through highly complex DRaaS, Back-up, Storage deployments and demanding data migration scenarios.