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Migrating your datacenter – these tips could be handy

Author : Jayabalan Subramanian
Date : May 22, 2012
Category : Co-Location

Nobody ever said datacenter migration was easy. Although moving mission critical systems and communications equipment from one site to another is no simple task, it needn’t be an overwhelming one. With careful planning, any company can organize its people, manage the communications, deploy a new design for the new site and move its datacenter equipment with confidence and ease.

Months of planning typically go into ensuring a successful datacenter migration. By placing an emphasis on pre-design and planning, datacenter managers and relocation consultants are able to achieve the optimal solution to meet the demands of even the most complex relocation.

If your company is contemplating a datacenter migration project, the following tips will help ensure that your IT move goes off without a hitch:

Invest In Pre-Planning

Identify your operational objectives and use them as a reference point in planning. Coordinate with vendors who will be working on the project and include their representatives in your planning sessions. Consider hiring an experienced datacenter migration consultant as your guide.

Develop Strategies That Minimize Risk And Maximize ROI

Explore the backup and recovery options for your mission critical systems. Take current and future needs into consideration while designing the datacenter at your new site.

Take Stock Of Datacenter Equipment

Datacenter migrations offer the perfect opportunity to replace outdated or faulty equipment with state-of-the-art hardware. Don’t spend valuable time and money moving equipment that won’t last.

Test The Network

Run tests of your new datacenter on virtual models before construction and relocation begin to prevent unfortunate surprises. After the move, run additional network operations and applications tests to protect your IT systems.

Update Security Procedures And Technology-Use Policies

Address any new security issues raised by the new datacenter site. Establish guidelines that safeguard your facility from credible threats and existing vulnerabilities.

Establish An Appropriate Migration Plan

Integrate redundancies into your IT network. Alert business users to potential service disruptions. Review the relocation strategy with vendors, consultants, and other special participants before moving ahead.

Last but not the least communicates with your users/customers about the proposed migration.

By keeping these points in mind, your company can minimize migration related downtime while streamlining the overall datacenter movement procedure. Read our article on Datacenter Migration published on You may also find this useful, if you are in the process of planning your datacenter migration

Do share your experiences, while migrating a datacenter.

Author : Jayabalan Subramanian

Jayabalan is the Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Netmagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is recognized in the Industry as an expert on Internetworking and has consulted with leading organizations, including BAFL, BPL, Bharti, Worldtel, and Hathway Internet, among others.