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Network Security Paradigm: Security for Today, Business Growth for Tomorrow


Author : Rishikesh Kamat
Date : July 09, 2014
Category : Managed Security Services

With high risk and cost of security breaches, organizations are turning to managed service providers for access to advanced network security services, technologies and expertise

Evolution of threat scenario to enterprise networks is getting more intense. Increasing complexities within networks and improving skills and sophistication of attackers are daunting network security professionals.

Organizations world over are deploying newer business models that are Web enabled and global in nature. They are expanding their networks with Internet, Mobility, Extranets, Ecommerce solutions, etc. Safeguarding corporate assets, data and preventing intrusions have become more and more complex task for security professionals. Challenges to network security and emerging trends in threats include:

Increase in number and sophistication of malicious attacks

There is an increase in number of malwareand botnets (such as Zeus, Spyeye, i2Ninja, etc.) that intrude corporate networks, spread rapidly and bring down mission critical networks. Diversity in malware is being seen rampantly today with country-specific social engineering, financially motivated malware, purpose-oriented attacks, etc.

Attacks on data on the cloud

As more organizations are relying on cloud platforms by putting critical data related to customers, financial, projects, etc., attackers are targeting mobile devices, endpoints and personnel credentials to gain access into corporate clouds.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

APTs have done successfully in industrial espionage and similar purposes. They are now expected to be financially motivated too. Attackers today are well funded which ensures the advanced and persistent nature of the threats.

Mobile Malware

Not just a future trend but a present reality, mobile malware is growing in popularity. Malware that compromise mobile operating environments such as Android are prevalent and expected to rise in numbers.

These are only a few trends that are changing Network Security paradigms today. IT environments are diversifying into devices and technologies that security tools and technologies are still trying to grapple with. There is increasing stress on network security today in organizations across the globe, and internal security teams are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the rate of change taking place. Many organizations are turning to service providers for access to advanced security services, technologies and expertise.

Managed Security Service Providers are able to offer key advantages to organizations looking to offload their Network security management:

  • Substantially improved security posture by monitoring services, advanced tools and expertise available with MSSPs
  • Increased availability and reliability of networks with MSSPs offering 24x7x365 working model
  • Reduced cost of security through economies of scale that MSSPs are able to work

By outsourcing to MSSPs, organizations can use their internal teams to enhance their network and help grow their business, improve productivity and focus on future.

Author : Rishikesh Kamat

Vice President - Products & Services, NTT-Netmagic


Rishikesh is passionate about connecting with his customer base by delivering satisfaction through "wholesome" service proposition. He has been instrumental in implementing competitive and profitable pricing models and is committed to driving effective marketing promotions to drive revenue.