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  Customer Case Studies
Solution Implementations by Netmagic for Leading Companies  

A Leading Educational University In India


Customer Profile

The client is the educational arm of a large conglomerate with diversified businesses in India. With several educational institutions, programs, distance learning initiatives and other learning solutions under its aegis, the university is one of the large educational providers in India today.

Netmagic SimpliCloud helps a leading educational university in India with an always-on, robust infrastructure solution

Business Case

The university wanted to have a robust, high performance and an always available IT infrastructure management solution that was extremely flexible and could be upgraded instantaneously to meet peak requirements, especially during publication of results for examinations.


The university required an IT solution that could be easily scaled up or down as per requirements with a flexible bandwidth service that was available 24/7 on a pay- as-you-use model.

Netmagic proposed its SimpliCloud solution with the following features:

  • Elastic Plans with pay-as-you-use functionality for fluctuating portal traffic loads
  • Large Instances
  • Grid firewall protection
  • Burstable bandwidth


Key Benefits

With Netmagic SimpliCloud, the university was able to meet its demand for a flexible and always available infrastructure. Benefits included:

  • 60% reduction in TCO and substantial increase in ROI
  • Increase or decrease bandwidth instantly as per requirement
  • Pay-by-use utility computing experience and cost savings
  • 100% uptime and higher student user satisfaction
  • Round the clock back up, support and monitoring for higher security and performance


Business Scenario

The university supports distance education offerings of SMU Directorate of Distance Education (DDE) with close to 2 lakh students taking various courses. Much of the learning happens through a learning management system where students use an online portal to access their course programs which include course material as well as communication with faculty. This portal attracted high visitor traffic that peaked during the time when exam results are published online. With highly fluctuating bandwidth needs, the university’s IT infrastructure was at times overloaded and mostly underutilized the rest of the year. To overcome these challenges, the university needed:

  • A robust IT infrastructure that could be scaled up or down as per demand
  • Streamlining of existing infrastructure for optimum utilization
  • The ability to upgrade and downgrade bandwidth on the portal to meet fluctuating student traffic loads
  • A cost effective solution leading to low TCO and higher ROI


Value Proposition

Netmagic gave the university the ideal option in the form of its SimpliCloud solution. SimpliCloud provided the university the perfect utility computing model with a pay-as-you- use model that allowed it to pay for only what they used.

Netmagic’s massive state of the art IT infrastructure provided as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)enabled the university to upgrade its infrastructure when server and network loads were high and downgrade instantly when the peak time had passed. Along with this, Netmagic provided the university with a customized cloud computing package – a‘Fixed’ package for its regular bandwidth needs and a ‘Flexible’ package that can be scaled on demand to meet fluctuating portal traffic loads. With 24/7/365 support and back up, the university was assured of an industry leading uptime of 100% for its portal. Netmagic also offered the university its grid firewall protection to keep its portal, servers, networks, and applications safe from virtual threats like viruses and hackers.

Key Takeaways

Through Netmagic’s comprehensive solution, the university was able to provide its students with an unparalleled always-on portal experience. With its IT infrastructure now optimally utilized, the university was able to greatly reduce costs, have better control on its bandwidth usage, and meet fluctuating server and network loads seamlessly. Its portal and applications are safe and secure, with near instant responses from Netmagic’s highly efficient support team.