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  Customer Case Studies
Solution Implementations by Netmagic for Leading Companies  

Financial Service Firm In Asia

Financial Service Firm In Asia


Customer Profile

The firm is the subsidiary of a leading brokerage and financial services firm headquartered and regulated in Japan.It is a wholly owned investment-banking arm and provides integrated financial services, including brokerage, capital raising, IPOs, as well as merger and acquisition advice.

Colocation and managed hosting from Netmagic powers growth plans for the investment banking subsidiary of a leading comprehensive financial service firm in Asia

Business Case

In a highly competitive capital markets sector, the enterprise’s business is entirely dependent on its ability to process a large number of financial transactions continuously to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as well as cater to sudden spikes in trading. Any unplanned downtime could result in a financial loss as well as loss in reputation for the firm. To ensure an uninterrupted trading activity on the capital markets, it was crucial for the enterprise to have an IT infrastructure that was reliable, secure, scalable and always available.


Colocation and hosting services from Netmagic have enabled the business enterprise to focus on its core business, attracting new clients and spurring rapid growth.

Solution Snapshot

IDC & Managed Hosting - Colocation, Leased Line, Ethernet

Key Benefits

Benefits include:

  • High availability of IT infrastructure and 99.99% uptime for their IT infrastructure ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted customer experience
  • Round the clock support& monitoring, maintenance and technical expertise ensuring faster turnaround times (TAT) and improved performance levels
  • A robust and a scalable IT infrastructure to support the enterprises’ expansion and growth plans
  • OpEx investment model gave the client the flexibility to scale up its IT infrastructure during spikes in trading resulting in significant cost efficiencies for the company
  • Focus on its core business

Business Challenge

The enterprise’s business depended on its ability to execute sub-second financial decisions and process large number of financial transactions continuously for its customers even during spikes in trading. In doing so, the enterprise wanted to safeguard the interests of its customers and protect them from losses resulting from unplanned downtime. With its success governed by speed and confidentiality for conducting customer transactions, having a scalable and highly available IT infrastructure was crucial for the business enterprise.

Moreover, given the dynamic nature of the market it operated in, the company wanted solely to focus on its core business and customers as it grew and did not want to make huge investments in setting up and managing an IT infrastructure on its own. It therefore, decided to partner with a managed IT hosting service provider who could provide it with a reliable, robust, scalable and a highly available IT infrastructure.

Value Proposition

The business enterprise evaluated several other service providers before choosing Netmagic Solutions. There were several reasons for partnering with Netmagic Solutions. Prominent among these were dedicated and committed promoters, a focus on datacenter, co-location and managed services, carrier neutrality, SLA based services and operations, and presence in all major cities especially in Mumbai where power situation is much better than other locations.

Currently the enterprise has taken colocation &managed hosting and monitoring services for its IT infrastructure and applications from Netmagic Solutions. The company is also planning to add more managed services in the future.

One thing that set Netmagic apart was the solution architecting phase where both teams discussed the best possible solution as per the business enterprises’ specific needs. The business enterprise was impressed with the time that Netmagic spent in understanding and ascertaining their requirements and then coming back with a solution suited to their specific needs.

The final blueprint of the proposed solution was very well documented and articulated by Netmagic. This included what the business enterprise needed to do, service deliverable and the expectations out of the engagement.

Key Takeaways

Partnering with Netmagic Solutions has resulted in significant business benefits for the business enterprise. Working on an OpEx investment model, the enterprise can scale up its IT infrastructure during spikes in trading to process larger number of financial transactions. This has led to significant cost efficiencies for the company. Assured of 99.99% uptime and a highly available IT infrastructure, the enterprise can now focus on its core business.

As a company dealing in trading of securities, security of financial data and transactions was a primary concern. Netmagic with its stringent security standards and policies alleviated the business enterprises’ fears around data security and security of their mission critical applications.

Netmagic’s 24x7 infrastructure monitoring service has helped the enterprise to have round the clock support for managing its mission critical IT infrastructure. The service enables the business enterprise to receive timely reports about the smooth functioning of their IT infrastructure and take corrective actions if required. Netmagic also informs the enterprise on potential threat scenarios and remedial actions to correct them.

A yearlong relationship with Netmagic has seen the enterprise grow their business without having to worry about the IT infrastructure necessary to support this growth.