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Business Standard

Business Standard


Customer Profile

Business Standard is India's leading and most respected business daily. It is published from 12 centers in India - Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune. The newspaper's website, is a dynamic news portal. Business Standard has other websites like,http://bsmotoring.com and

Business Standard chooses Netmagic for professional website hosting and mail management

Business Case

Business Standard wanted to consolidate the hosting of their website and email server which was hosted with two separate service providers in Mumbai. The company wanted to have a better control over operations, streamline processes and eliminate the logistical and operational issues caused while coordination 24x7 with the multiple vendors and multiple site structure. With a growing reader base, Business Standard realized that it needed a robust, scalable and a highly available IT infrastructure to support its growth and expansion plans, which was a challenge with the current multiple vendor environment.

Therefore, Business Standard decided to engage with a managed hosting service provider who could provide a reliable and a highly available IT infrastructure to support both website hosting and also in-house mailing system, as well as, provide the bandwidth, power back-up, and monitoring services, required to meet the growing business demands.


Netmagic Solutions provided Business Standard a comprehensive and flexible solution to cover all its requirements that included:

  • A complete hosting and management solution for their website and mailing system
  • Round-the-clock, 24X7 monitoring and support by skilled personnel
  • Racks that could be increased or decreased as per requirement
  • Uptime SLA of 99.99% through round the clock monitoring and redundant power back up

Solution Snapshot

  • IDC & Managed Hosting - Bandwidth, Firewall, Colocation, Domain Name, Back-up
  • Infrastructure Management - CNAM, InfraMonitor
  • Mail & Messaging - Shared Linux Mail

Key Benefits

With Netmagic Solutions as the managed IT hosting service provider, Business Standard realized significant business benefits that include:

  • Professionally managed website hosting and mail management under one roof to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of downtime
  • Reliable infrastructure that was always up and running and guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Round the clock support, maintenance and technical expertise leading to improved performance levels
  • 100% availability and burstable bandwidth to match volatile traffic loads and ensure consistent user experience

Business Scenario

When you are the country’s leading newspaper, there can be no compromise, especially when it comes to improving the last-mile connectivity for your readers.Gone are the days when a website would provide secondary support to the paper based offline version. Modern readers demand updated information and instant access. Every reader expects the site to be there, on demand, with the latest news and views, regardless of the time of day or night. So when Business Standard launched its website, it expected a large number of visitors to its website.

With a surge in traffic volumes on its website, there was increased pressure on existing IT resources – including storage and mailing systems. Managing a large amount of content on its website was becoming difficult and the company needed to scale up their storage and compute infrastructure.

Business Standard needed a hosting partner who could help tackle these challenges and manage both its website and the mailing system.

Value Proposition

Netmagic Solutions was chosen by Business Standard to be its managed IT hosting service provider. Netmagic Solutions provided a comprehensive and flexible solution to cover all its requirements that included:

The package included:

  • Website hosting and mail management with a single service provider
  • SLA uptime of 99.99% and high website availability 24x7
  • 24x7 power back-up and expert monitoring services
  • Burstable bandwidth available in a cost effective pay-per-use model to accommodate peak time traffic loads
  • State-of-the-art and secure rack space for servers to manage server loads due to increased traffic to the website

In the beginning, Business Standard availed the shared server space offered by Netmagic and started off with a 50 GB data transfer per month under a volume-based plan. Today, it avails Netmagic’s rackspace in addition to its own servers. Even their data transfer has now moved to a rate-based plan that has been customized to suit Business Standard’s requirement.

Key Takeaways

Netmagic’s state-of-the-art datacenters, its ability to provide the full range of managed services and, most critically, its superior service levels and support have given Business Standard rock-solid assurance of their website and mailing systems being up and running even during peak volume period 24x7x365.

Netmagic manages Business Standard’s website, which currently sees an average traffic of 2.4 million hits per month - a volume that necessitates 24x7 website availability and support. With a pay-as-you-use model, Business Standard now has increased visibility of the cost structure and has been able to make substantial savings on the costs associated with maintaining a highly available IT infrastructure.

In a nutshell, the association with Netmagic Solutions has led to significant business benefits for Business Standard.Today, Business Standard:

  • Professionally managed hosting and mail management from a single provider resulting in improved efficiencies and reduced risk of downtime even during peak user traffic time period
  • Reliable infrastructure that is always up and running with guaranteed 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Burstable bandwidth to match volatile traffic loads ensuring consistent user experience
  • Focus on its core competency – providing dynamic, relevant, up to date business information to its readers
  • Round the clock support, maintenance and technical expertise ensuring improved performance levels of their IT infrastructure