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Customer Profile

CarWale is among India’s fastest growing automotive portal that offers car buyers and sellers information to make intelligent buying and selling decisions.

Managed hosting services from Netmagic ensures that CarWale’s customers get a consistent and enhanced experience on

Business Case

Within a year of the launch of CarWale’s portal, the traffic to the portal doubled from around 1.4 million to 2.9 million. This increase in visitor traffic led to an increase in online transactions and customer database which became a huge challenge to manage.

Owing to this phenomenal growth in business, CarWale realized that they needed a scalable and highly available IT infrastructure to manage the increasing visitor traffic and customer database on its portal. Hence, they decided to partner with an experienced and reliable managed IT hosting service provider who could support their business critical IT infrastructure requirements.


CarWale opted for Netmagic’s managed hosting services for managing the increased visitor traffic and growing customer database on its portal.

Solution Snapshot:

  • IDC & Managed Hosting – Colocation, Dedicated server, bandwidth, firewall, load balancing, shared SAN, Network switch, internet leased line.
  • Data backup - PetaVault
  • Infrastructure Management Services – InfraManage
    • CNAM, VAPT, Appsecure
  • Messaging & Collaboration

Key Benefits

The engagement with Netmagic Solutions as a managed hosting services provider resulted in numerous benefits for CarWale. Prominent among these were:

  • High availability of the IT infrastructure with a burstable bandwidth and 99.99% uptime ensured a consistent and enhanced customer experience on CarWale’s portal
  • Enhanced security for online transactions
  • 24x7 support and monitoring services for the website ensured high performance levels
  • CarWale was able to expand and grow its operations and focus on its core business

Business Scenario is India’s largest automotive portal that offers car buyers and sellers information to make intelligent buying and selling decisions. The site offers unique tools to help visitors research and compare all cars available in India today. Their innovative portal features such as 'Car Valuation', 'Car Recommendation' and 'Ask the Expert' attract thousands of site visitors seeking opinions and giving their feedback.

Within a year of launch, the portal was among the most popular sites for information on automobiles and the traffic on the portal significantly increased. CarWale needed the portal to be up and running 24x7x365 for its visitors, hence, they wanted an IT infrastructure that was highly available, scalable. With more than half a million transactions in less than 8 months of its launch, security of online transactions as well as maintaining and managing the growing customer database was also crucial.

CarWale soon realized that they needed a robust, secure and a dedicated hosting solution that could ensure uninterrupted availability of the portal for their visitors with minimum downtime. Hence, they started looking for a managed IT hosting service provider who could provide:

  • The expertise and had a proven track-record of similar successful engagements with other online and ecommerce portals
  • A robust dedicated hosting solution, with seamless scalability
  • Redundant and burstable bandwidth
  • Network and server security services
  • Services to support software provisioning
  • Data integrity through a robust, automated backup solution
  • 24x7 support and monitoring services

Value Proposition

CarWale followed a stringent and elaborate evaluation process to identify a suitable managed IT hosting services provider who could help them address their data center and hosting challenges. After evaluating several providers, they finally chose to go ahead with Netmagic Solutions. One of the reasons for choosing Netmagic Solutions was the experience and expertise that Netmagic had in providing high performance mission critical hosting solutions to some of India’s leading ecommerce and online portals.

Netmagic offered CarWale a robust, high performance and an always available managed hosting solution backed by round-the-clock helpdesk support and 24x7 monitoring & management services.

Key Takeaways

With Netmagic’s managed hosting services that are tailored to meet their requirements, CarWale continues to scale up its operations and add thousands of new visitors to the portal every month. The visitors are now assured of a better user experience and low latency on the portal.

Netmagic’s 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC), equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring and management tools ensures that mission-critical parameters of the portal are being closely tracked at all times. In addition, NOC-filtered alerts, web-based reports, trend analysis, customer-specific escalation procedures all contribute towards ensuring that CarWale’s portal is always up and available to its visitors. With Netmagic’s support, CarWale’s team is able to focus on their core competence and leave aside worries on portal availability and performance.