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H & R Johnson India

H & R Johnson India


Customer Profile

H & R Johnson (India), a division of Prism Cement Limited, is India’s leading tile, bathrooms and kitchen company & enjoys the reputation of being the only company in India to offer end-to-end home lifestyle solutions. The company has carved a niche for itself in other allied business categories including Wooden Laminates Flooring, Engineered Wooden Flooring, Sanitary ware, Bathroom fittings, Modular kitchens, Engineered marble & Quartz as well as tile adhesives & grouts business.

H & R Johnson trusts their mission-critical SAP application hosting with Netmagic

H & R Johnson (India), a division of Prism Cement Limited, India’s leading tile manufacturing company, had a mission-critical SAP application that was hosted in-house. This application served their multiple plants and offices and had to be available 24x7. Migrating this into a third-party datacenter was a wise business decision, but would they be able to pull it off in a seamless manner, that too within a small time frame?

Business Case

H & R Johnson was planning to migrate their in-house mission critical SAP application environment to a third-party datacenter facility in order to focus on more strategic IT issues concerning the business. However, the company faced significant challenges in doing so because:

  • 24x7 SAP environment had to be seamlessly integrated and implemented at the new location without any downtime or loss of performance
  • The SAP application served multiple manufacturing plants and offices that needed access to the application in real time on a 24x7 basis; hence it was crucial that the migration had to be completed in the shortest time possible.
  • The company’s diversified network, enterprise mail systems, network security, data backup and retrieval systems, and servers needed to be managed on a 24x7 basis using effective ‘drill-down’-capable mechanisms.



Netmagic provided the following services to H & R Johnson:

  • Migration, Implementation, and hosting of mission-critical SAP environment
  • Migration and management of diversified production network
  • Network security services (Firewall management)
  • Custom Disaster Recovery (Data Backup solution management)
  • Enterprise mail management
  • 24x7 server monitoring & management Services
  • 24x7 network monitoring


"The complex migration procedure was executed so seamlessly that our users were not even aware that it had been carried out. Netmagic exceeded all our expectations, confirming our choice for this partnership was right" - Devendra Dosi, Senior GM, H & R Johnson

Key Benefits

  • Seamless migration and hosting of the SAP application without any downtime and in the shortest possible time ensured that H & R Johnson’s multiple plants and offices were able to access the application without any disruption to business operations
  • High availability of the SAP application ensured smooth functioning of business operations
  • 24x7 monitoring and management of SAP application and faster turnaround time for issue resolution lead to enhanced performance levels
  • A dedicated team to resolve issues lead to improved service levels and predictability
  • Implementation and management of a Disaster Recovery solution for data backup and retrieval ensured that the company has access to its crucial data at all times


Business Scenario

Migrating H & R Johnson’s mission-critical SAP application environment to a third-party data center posed several challenges. The SAP environment served multiple plants and offices that needed access to the environment in real-time on a 24x7 basis. The migration had to happen seamlessly, without any glitches and without downtime or loss of performance, all within a short period of time.

Moreover, the new service provider, in addition to hosting the SAP application, had to manage their diversified network, enterprise mail systems, network security, data backup and retrieval systems, and servers on a 365 x 24 x 7 basis using effective ‘drill-down’ capable mechanisms. The company realized that it required a service provider who had the expertise to make it all work.

Value Proposition

After evaluating several service providers and their capabilities, H & R Johnson chose Netmagic. Netmagic helped H & R Johnson to migrate SAP environment to its carrier-neutral state-of-the-artdatacenter in Mumbai within the stipulated time frame of 18 hours. Netmagic’s team worked closely with H & R Johnson’s IT team to ensure that the migration of their internal SAP application to Netmagic’s facility was conducted seamlessly and with no business downtime.

"Migrating a large SAP environment from one facility to another while ensuring zero downtime was always going to be a significant challenge. Netmagic’s project management team and engineers worked closely with us to ensure a smooth and seamless migration of the SAP systems and network elements that exceeded our expectations," Devendra Dosi, Senior GM, H & R Johnson

Key Takeaways

Today, H & R Johnson’s mission-critical SAP application is housed in Netmagic's datacenter that is equipped with world-class infrastructure, services and tools. Netmagic offers H & R Johnson 24x7 helpdesk support, network security solutions, disaster recovery solution for backup and retrieval, and 24X7 server monitoring and management services and ensures high availability for their mission-critical SAP environment.

Faster turnaround times have led to increased performance levels and quick resolution of issues on requests. The company’s IT team can focus on streamlining business processes to meet corporate business objectives rather than on technical infrastructure. Moreover, H & R Johnson can now concentrate on its core business and propel towards becoming the global leader in the tile industry.