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Customer Profile

RockeTalk enables mobile phone users to express themselves and communicate with their friends, familyand new acquaintances, as well as capture, share, and discover content posted by others. A venture-backed company, headquartered in San Diego with offices in New Delhi, RockeTalk has developed and launched a social media platform and a mobile phone client application that provide a variety of fast, easy-to-use multimedia services.

Hosting services from Netmagic help RockeTalk expand its business and provide its customers with an enhanced user experience

By outsourcing its IT infrastructure to Netmagic, Rocketalkhas reduced costs, improved its services and, most importantly, created a platform for delivering high performance.

Business Challenge

The mobile value-added services market in India has grown significantly over the last few years. Mobile users today use their phones not just for basic telephony but also for content sharing and social networking. This has led to the development of an entirely new business eco-system of third party service providers who provide social media platforms and mobile phone client applications that enable users to create text, voice, photo, and video messages and share these with their network.

So when RockeTalk decided to launch its social networking platform and mobile phone client application in India, it received a phenomenal response. With its customer base growing day by day, RockeTalk realized that it needed a scalable, robust and a highly available IT infrastructure for hosting its application. Since the application facilitated mobile users to communicate with each other through social networking and sharing of content (uploading and downloading videos, audio, photos and other content), the company anticipated huge amount of data to be stored and exchanged over mobile networks. RockeTalk was also a content aggregator for various third party content providers; therefore having a flexible storage facility for managing large volume of content was vital.

Further, with a burgeoning mobile handset market, where new models of handsets are introduced on a regular basis, porting the application customized to the make of the handset was becoming a challenge.

RockeTalk was already using the hosting services of a datacenter provider based in US but faced latency issues which were hindering its ambitious growth plans.

With a focus on business expansion, RockeTalk decided to avail the services of a managed IT hosting service provider who could support its ambitious growth plans both in India and globally.

Value Proposition

RockeTalk evaluated several service providers and finally chose Netmagic as their managed IT hosting service provider. The decision to choose Netmagic was based on:

  • Its state-of-the-art carrier neutral datacenter with an impressive 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Design of its datacenter facility, power backup, 24x7 network monitoring & management, and data backup facility
  • Flexibility of provisioning servers on- demand
  • Offered international connectivity for RockeTalk’s customer base in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and UK

Today, RockeTalk’s social networking platform and mobile client application is hosted at Netmagic’s datacenter.

Says Vimal Gupta, Head of Technology - Operations, RockeTalk, "We are in the mobile social networking business, our needs and requirements are different from other companies who seek hosting services. Netmagic understood our requirements correctly and customized the solution as per our needs. Their service delivery has been exceptionally good. We have not faced latency issues since we decided to partner with Netmagic Solutions." RockeTalk has also subscribed to Netmagic’s Infrastructure Management Services for remote management of their IT infrastructure hosted in-house.

Key Takeaways

Today, RockeTalk hosts its critical business application at Netmagic, and has the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of servers based on the business demand. The partnership with Netmagic has enabled RockeTalk to have a robust, secure, scalable and a highly available IT infrastructure that allows it to offer uninterrupted services to its customers. With its storage needs taken care of, the company can organize and distribute content to its customers in a structured manner. Additionally, a flexible cost structure on a pay-as-you-use model has helped the company to derive significant cost benefits.

They have been able to optimize their IT investments to deliver their service to their rapidly growing customer base. With its IT infrastructure being managed by Netmagic, the company is assured of smooth and hassle-free IT infrastructure operations and is able to focus on growing its business in India and globally.