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Simpli-Insight (Cloud Analytics)
Powered by VMware CloudHealth


Actionable insights to monitor, analyse and optimize your cloud infrastructure


Today, working with multi-cloud providers is the norm, than the exception. While organizations are embracing the multi-cloud model, they are looking for ways to assemble, deploy, and manage critical IT workloads across the hybrid cloud environment with controlled cloud IaaS budgets. Also, with lack of a proper governance framework, another significant number of organizations end up accidentally exposing their data or services.

With Simpli-Insight service powered by VMware CloudHealth, NTT-Netmagic delivers a consistent and actionable view into cost and resource management, security, and performance for applications across multiple cloud environments. Simpli-Insight service powered by VMware CloudHealth enable you to realize costs saving across multi-cloud deployments such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), etc. Depending on the IT infrastructure landscape, organizations can look at an overall cost reduction upto 25% using a combination of automation and actionable insights. Using the deep insights provided by Simpli-Insight, organizations can identify and retire unused cloud assets and push the level of utilization by actively monitoring all active cloud assets.



With Simpli-Insight you have a single interface to control your complete cloud infrastructure.


Why Simpli-Insight?

Evaluate your cloud infrastructure based on application, workload, environment and more to better understand resource utilization and optimize performance. Drill down to each department and see how much each function or business unit is spending and using resources.
Enhanced visibility to cost management by leveraging custom dashboards, which provide insights into your cloud usage, cost and performance. Advanced analytics and reports to quickly identify opportunities to proactively reduce spend, remediate risks, and streamline configuration.
Stay ahead of more than 100 cloud security risks to prevent exposure and ensure compliance.
Unique Custom policies and workflows that allow enterprises to easily maintain govern their cloud environment by automatically monitoring and optimizing the workloads for cost, usage, performance, and security.

Key Features


Cost | Usage | Performance | Security

Visualize and Report

Optimize and Recommend

Govern via Policies

Automate Actions


Simpli-Insight Plans

Services (s) Basic Cost Optimizer Premium Functional Description
Standard Reporting Cost & usage reports, Asset Reporting and Pre-defined Dashboards
Customized Reporting Customized Reports using Perspectives (Business Functions) and dashboards
Performance & Metric Based Reporting   Trend Analysis Reports based on Performance data
Infrastructure Right sizing   Compute (i.e. VM Instances) and Volumes (i.e. EBS) Right sizing Recommendations
Reservation Management     Recommendations for Reserved Instance Optimization
Governance thriugh Policies & Automation     Best Practices Governance using Policies and Automation. Policy based Governance on Under Utilized / Un-utilized Resources such as Volumes, IP Address, Snapshots etc.
Security Risk Exposure     Security management policies include access control policies, network security policies, application and data security policies and audit trail policies
Console Access Predefined Roles (max 5 Users) Predefined Roles (max 10 Users) Predefined Roles (max 10 Users) Role Based Access