Cloud Analytics

  • With Simpli-Insight, get actionable insights to monitor, analyse and optimize your cloud infrastructure

Realize cost saving across multi-cloud deployments

Today, enterprises are embracing the multi-cloud model like never before. They are looking for ways to assemble, deploy, and manage critical IT workloads across the hybrid cloud environment with controlled cloud IaaS budgets. Lack of a proper governance framework causes enterprises to accidentally expose their data or services.


Our cloud analytics platform, Simpli-Insight gives you a single interface to control your complete cloud infrastructure. We deliver a consistent and actionable view into cost and resource management, security, and performance for applications across multiple cloud environments.


Simpli-Insight services powered by VMware CloudHealth enable you to realize costs saving across multi-cloud deployments such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform and so on. Depending on the IT infrastructure landscape, organizations can look at an overall cost reduction up to 25% using a combination of automation and actionable insights.

Our service offerings

Using deep insights provided by Simpli-Insight, you can push the level of utilization to a greater extent.

Visualize and report

Visualize and

Drive accountability across multiple clouds

Optimize and recommend

Optimize and

Reduce costs by 25% with actionable insights

Govern via policies

Govern via

Improve cross-organisational collaboration

Automate actions


Stay ahead of more than 100 cloud security risks

Value proposition


Cost & usage reports, asset reporting and pre-defined dashboards


Using perspectives and dashboards for purpose-build instances

Performance based and metric based reporting

Trend analysis reports based on performance data

Infrastructure right sizing

Compute (i.e. VM Instances) and volumes (i.e. EBS) rightsizing recommendations

Reservation management

Recommendation for reserved instance optimization

Governance through policies and automation

Best practices governance using policies and automation.

Security risk

Access control, network security, application and data security, and audit trail


A completely view of role based access easy

Why NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India?

Stay on budget & drive efficiency

Stay competitive in a highly connected and hyperscale future

Improve RoI, drive accountability

Bring productivity, quality and efficiency to client engagements

Stay ahead of cloud security threats

24x7x365 days of protection against security threats

Enable rapid deployment at scale

Deploy applications faster and scale rapidly.


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