Google Cloud Platform

Our Google partnership

Design, build, migrate and manage GCP cloud solutions

As a premier Google Cloud partner in India, we help you drive innovation and reap the cost and performance benefits of this competitive solution suite. By working closely with you, we bring to life GCP-based products and services tailored to your specific business needs. Our rich multi-cloud experience ensures success in all phases, from selecting the best Google offerings to migration, operations and collaboration.

How do we help?

We help you drive innovation and reap the cost and performance benefits of GCP Cloud Solutions. We provide comprehensive services, from evaluation, deployment planning and post-deployment support. Data migration from on-premises or legacy apps and workflows, mobile devices integration, change management and user-adoption training are part of our offerings.

Google Cloud Services

Partnering with you on comprehensive Google Services for improved productivity and competitive advantage

Google Cloud

Extensive capabilities from migration to training and beyond

Desktop as a

Deploy virtual desktops, apps, and servers on GCP in minutes

SAP on Google Cloud Platform

Express SAP migrations and greenfield deployment

GCP Data Ingestion Service

Transfer volumes of data to Google Cloud from premise


Hybrid cloud service delivering compute and storage resource

Google Kubernetes engine with Anthos

Accelerate your hybrid cloud journey from start to finish

G Suite

Accelerate productivity and collaboration across your organization


Migration-as-a-Service that simplifies mass data migration


Data resiliency available as individual or collective managed services offering

Hybrid Connectivity with Partner Interconnect

Establish direct, private connections between GCP and on-premise

Google Cloud Platform

We provide the complete suite of GCP services through direct connectivity to Google Cloud, and facilitate seamless access to its robust security.


From virtual machines with proven price/performance advantages to a fully managed app development platform

Storage and Databases

Scalable, resilient, high- performance object storage and databases for your applications


State-of-the-art software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network

Management Tools

Monitoring, logging, diagnostics and more, all via web management console or mobile app

Big Data

Fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging

Identity & Security

Control access and visibility to resources running on a platform protected by Google’s security model

Desktop as a Service

Through our work from home solutions, we exclusively partner with itopia and Google to help organizations to deploy and use virtual desktops, apps, and servers on GCP in minutes.

itopia's automation & orchestration console allows end-to-end lifecycle management of the Microsoft RDS environments hosted on Google Cloud infrastructure. Solution is fully secure, available anywhere, in a full opex model with lower cost.

SAP on Google Cloud Platform

Our extensive experience in managing SAP Hosting, Cloud and Infrastructure Operations and SAP HANA operations helps to fast-track SAP migrations and speed up greenfield deployments, from few weeks to few days.

GCP Data Ingestion Service

The Netmagic Data Ingestion Service helps clients transfer anywhere from a few megabytes to petabytes of data to the Google Cloud from their premises. This service leverages storage devices, such as NAS Box and offline, as well as online data transfer mechanism on case-to-case basis. Service is fully customizable based on organization requirement.


Simpli Oracle DB service for Oracle workloads with Google Cloud is an architecture-driven hybrid cloud service delivering high-performance pool of compute and storage resources for Oracle DB hosting. Oracle DB runs on dedicated environment in our DC and application on GCP with low-latency partner interconnect link between the two environments.

Google Kubernetes engine with Anthos

Joint 'Center Of Excellence” is exclusive partnership initiative of Google Cloud and NTT-Netmagic, which will enable clients to accelerate their hybrid cloud journey by modernizing their mission-critical IT infrastructure using Anthos and applications that leverage the advanced capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Analytics at scale.

G Suite

G Suite is a suite of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google. With productivity apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Drive, it also includes high-fidelity video meetings, enterprise-grade telephony, the power of Google Search with Cloud Search, and high-end security features.

We are an authorized partner to sell and manage G Suite. We help organizations in planning, migration and managed services for G Suite using industry-standard practices.

Simpli Migrate

We help overcome the challenges in traditional migration involving multiple tools, applications, large amounts of downtime and varied workloads. SimpliMigrate is our trademarked Migration-as-a-Service that simplifies mass data migration across diverse deployments.


Our DRaaS Service, offered along with our comprehensive managed services model, makes a difference. Our DR services are available as individual or collective managed services offerings.

Hybrid Connectivity with Partner Interconnect

Managed Cloud Connect allows you to establish direct, private connections between Google Cloud Platform and on-prem. We deliver a consistent and optimized network experience by overcoming the pitfalls of public internet connectivity.

NTT-Netmagic and Google Cloud Value Proposition

As India’s leading cloud and managed infrastructure Services Company and a premier Google Cloud Platform partner, NTT-Netmagic is committed to accelerating your organization's digital agenda. Serving more than 2,500+ enterprises globally, our customers rely on our strong expertise and world-class services to drive innovation and digital transformation.

Our focus is to be among the top 3 Google India partners by 2022 & be recognized as the APAC partner of the year. Together, NTT-Netmagic and Google have built a strong relationship developing Joint GTM & Programs along with the right optimized joint solutions for the target market.

Key capabilities

  • Best-of-its-kind security

    Protect systems, data and users

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud

    Find the right solution for your needs

  • Fully managed network ops

    Ease of use and lean infrastructure

  • Embedded AI/ML

    Intelligence in every activity

  • Best of Google

    The culture of innovation and value

  • Complimentary POCs and assessments

    Conducted by GCP and G-Suite certified resources

Why choose Google Cloud Platform?

Optimize your GCP experience and gain valuable competitive advantage

Reduced IT costs

Customer-friendly pricing offers up to 60% savings, with automatic discounts

High performance

Swift VM start times and Google’s global private network mean low latency

Customer-first services

From charting migrations to estimating costs, we help select the best business solution

Faster innovation

Real-time collaborative capabilities help create innovative products and solutions

Easy deployment

Our deployment experts can help you make a smooth transition

Complete ownership

Be in the know of your cloud performance, reliability, capacity and billing

Comprehensive support

24x7 managed services for Google Cloud IaaS and SaaS

Transparency and visibility

View entire cloud ecosystem through Cloud Management Portal’s unified dashboard


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