Google Migrate as Service

  • Proven benefits in terms of reduced costs, scalability and optimization

Simple and provide clear advantages

We help overcome the challenges in traditional migration involving multiple tools, applications, large amounts of downtime and varied workloads. Whether your migration involves legacy or on-premise systems to cloud; or application or infrastructures migration between cloud platforms, Google Migrate can simplify things.


Your organization stands to benefit from over 20+ years of migration expertise that leads to a quick, risk- and hassle-free experience.

Google Migrate?

Our Google Migrate service offers a proven and hassle-free methodology for migrations of workloads. We help you create a comprehensive migration strategy to rationalize and optimize workloads across the organization. You stand to benefit from our rich expertise in infrastructure management and workload migration, as well as global standards, protocols and innovative capabilities.

Our service offerings



Oracle, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Operating System

Operating System

Linux, Windows (only x86)






AWS, Azure, SimpliCoud

The migration path

It's important to remember that a migration is a journey. You are at point A with your existing infrastructure and environments, and you want to reach point B. To get from A to B, you can choose any of the options previously described. The following diagram illustrates the path of this journey.


Simplified migration

Start migrating in just a few clicks with a single, integrated migration experience. Simplify migration complexity so you can quickly get started with Google cloud.

Minimal downtime

Enjoy continuous data replication from source to destination for minimal downtime migration. Serverless migrations eliminate surprises and are highly-performant at scale.


Advanced replication technology

Migrate for Compute Engine’s advanced replication migration technology copies instance data to Google Cloud in the background with no interruptions to the source workload that’s running.

As a service

Provision cloud instances directly from Migrate for Compute Engine, including support for customizations to networking, encrypted disks, and more

Destination flexibility

Migrate to flexible cloud targets (projects, instance types, etc.) directly from Migrate for Compute Engine, including support for customizations to networking, disks, and more.

Pre-migration validation and testing

Pre-migration validation via Migrate for Compute Engine’s test-clone capability, which allows non-disruptive testing of production workloads and data directly in the cloud, within an isolated environment that has zero impact on production or live systems.

Migration groups

Plan and execute migration waves within Google Cloud Console using VM groups. Group VMs based on your needs (examples: application types, workload ownership, etc.) which enables you to run one-click group migration. In addition, you can have the flexibility to execute migration operations on specific VMs within the group (e.g. test-clone a set of VMs from a group).

Why NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India?

Lower risk

Minimal manual intervention required in activities like shipping or rebuilding workloads

Hassle-free process

End-to-end load, performance, integration and user acceptance testing lead to seamless migrations

20 years of experience

Expertise in infrastructure management, workload migration and global SLAs

24x7 monitoring and support

Our 24x7x365 assistance keeps your applications and system always-on


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