Microsoft Azure

  • End-to-end Managed Services delivered on Azure from consulting to design, build, optimize & management

Enhance your competitive edge with Azure

Our Managed Cloud Infrastructure Services provide flexibility and scalability to underpin transformative initiatives involving your workload on Microsoft Azure. We help you achieve higher productivity levels using our expertise in Azure and our standing as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.

How do we help?

As businesses digitize rapidly and look to the cloud to optimize their infrastructure, we bring you the added benefits of rapid cloud deployments tailored to your business needs. We are uniquely positioned to serve enterprise and global clients in 24/7 environments.

Microsoft Azure Services

Partnering with you on comprehensive Microsoft Azure Services for improved productivity and competitive advantage

Microsoft Azure Platform

Microsoft Azure Platform

We provide complete connectivity to Microsoft Azure through direct connectivity to the cloud and facilitate seamless access to its robust security.

SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure

Our extensive experience in managing SAP Hosting, Cloud and Infrastructure Operations and SAP HANA operations helps to fast-track SAP migrations and speed up greenfield deployments, from few weeks to few days.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop

WVD is a desktop and app virtualization service running in Azure. Key features include multi-session Windows 10, optimisations for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise and support for Remote Desktop Services environments.

Serverless Kubernetes


AKS is an open-source fully managed container orchestration service that can be used to deploy, scale and manage Docker containers and container-based applications in a cluster environment.

Business Continuity & DR Services

Business Continuity & DR Services

NTT DRaaS Service, offered along with our comprehensive managed services model, makes a difference. Our DR services are available as individual or collective managed services offerings.

Hybrid Connectivity with Express Route

Hybrid Connectivity with Express Route

Managed Cloud Connect allows you to establish direct, private connections between your Azure workloads and on-prem. We deliver a consistent and optimized network experience by overcoming the pitfalls of public internet connectivity.

Azure SimpliMigrate


We help overcome the challenges in traditional migration involving multiple tools, applications, large amounts of downtime and varied workloads. Our trademarked Migration-as-a-Service simplifies mass data migration across diverse deployments.

Key highlights

Service catalogue-based approach

Jointly building the foundation blocks that enable efficient consumption

Integration at the technology level and ITIL level

Connecting public cloud to on-premises and colocated data centers through our own network

Automation across all levels of the service

For improved competitiveness, quality, and agility

Enterprise-level delivery

Taking into account the complexity and compliance requirements of the client

Compliant with top industry accreditations

ISO27k1, ISO2k, PCI, SOC, as well as customer specific standards

Private-Public-Hybrid cloud deployment

Private instance on our cloud, with public instance on Microsoft Azure

Disaster recovery site

Customer can deploy workloads on Microsoft Azure, as secondary/DR site

Compliance driven deployment

Offload non-critical instances on public cloud with cost efficiency

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