Private Cloud

High compute power for critical applications

Bring flexibility and control with private cloud

Our Private Cloud solutions bring a blend of public cloud economic viability and the predictability of private cloud along with robust security, control and high performance for your mission-critical systems. Whether it is on-premise or in one of our global data centers, we provide a simple and scalable environment with as-you-use billing.

We make your systems available to you whenever you need them with full control over security, compliance and performance. With our Private Cloud solutions, you save considerable time and avoid capital expenditure.

Private Cloud?

Accelerate your business with dedicated private cloud delivered in physical and virtual models. Tap into our experienced and dedicated resources. For your virtualized workload needs, we provide an end-to-end managed private cloud. Our specially curated Private Cloud environment ensures security of dedicated infrastructure, while enabling complete agility.

Our service offerings

We help you design and deploy a physically isolated cloud environment that supports only one client and does not utilize shared infrastructure.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Our private cloud encompasses end-to-end managed services for your complete private cloud journey

Virtual Private Cloud

High compute power for critical applications


A back-up service that manages all data types, including structured and unstructured workloads.

Managed Storage

Highly scalable, dependable and comprehensive range of data storage and backup solutions

Value proposition

Our Private Cloud encompasses end-to-end managed services for your complete private cloud journey.

70% slash in hardware

Significant saving as you cruise


Completely private, not shared

Secured and high

Isolated cloud environment supporting one client

Why NTT-Netmagic?

Flexible licensing options

Flexible licensing options along with a versatile range of compute blocks

Multiple hosting options

Assess and meet performance and memory needs on the go.

Connectivity to all pay-as-use services

Digitally led services that stay connected wherever you are.

Complete monitoring & tracking

Track all applications with insightful analytics for quick decision-making.


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