Managed Storage

  • Scalable and comprehensive range of data storage services

Keep your data safe and secure 24x7

Data is a competitive asset today. The time and cost of recreating data can prove to be a major setback for organizations. The cost of recovering from data loss can run into millions. Many of our solutions adopt the latest tape storage technology that offers data backup for individual files, file systems, databases and applications. Delivered as part of our broader storage and backup solutions, this makes storage and recovery a simple and effective process.

Storage-as-a Service?

Our advanced, dependable, and comprehensive range of data backup and storage solutions are designed to protect your data round-the-clock. Our storage solutions are highly scalable, and are customizable to any requirement.

Key features

Tiered Secure Storage (NTSS)

NTSS provides a highly scalable, dependable and comprehensive range of data storage and backup solutions, designed to offer the highest levels of protection. NTSS is a massively scalable storage offering on enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that ensures optimal read-write performance for your applications, while maintaining complete end-to-end security.

Key components

  • Manage high performance workloads
  • Guaranteed IOPS for performance-sensitive applications
  • Get required read-write performance while maintaining complete end-to-end security
  • Integrates with SimpliVPC, our private-public cloud services, and dedicated servers
  • Based on SSD, delivering committed QoS on storage performance (IOPS)
  • Highly scalable with no limitation on capacity and IOPS
  • Start with as low as 100GB of capacity with 100 IOPS


Designed specifically for large file sizes (such as audio or video files), SimpliDrive is a highly redundant, massively scalable, widely distributed and secured object storage solution delivered over your web browser. SimpliDrive allows you to upload, move or download any amount of data from your endpoint devices to secured containers.

SimpliDrive is architected using OpenStack Swift and is hosted inside our own Tier III data centers within India. It is a highly cost-effective solution built using enterprise-grade servers, storage and networking equipment, ensuring quality service, data durability and extremely high availability.

By using SimpliDrive, you can minimize the risk of cost overruns due to underutilization or ad-hoc purchases of expensive hardware in an emergency upgrade situation. Every object has three physically dispersed copies within a zone, ensuring data protection from more than two failures at any given point in time.

Why choose Managed Storage?

Cost-effective models

Cost-effective models

  • Flexible pay-as-you-grow OPEX models
  • No risk of increased per-unit cost in an underutilized environment
  • No ad-hoc purchase of expensive hardware for emergency upgrade
All-round data protection

All-round data protection

  • Uses standard https protocol to access objects (1KB-5GB) over the internet
  • Unlimited objects storage
  • Data durability and availability as per SimpliDrive SLA
Secure data, capacity management

Secure data, capacity management

  • Greater control using container-level access control lists
  • Simplified end-to-end management over SimpliDrive Management Consol
  • Protected by hardware firewalls
Access and authentication

Access and authentication

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access
  • All objects reside in SimpliDrive’s RBAC-enabled containers
  • Protected by hardware firewalls
Assured high performance

Assured high performance

  • 99.99999?ta durability SLA and 99.99% service availability
  • Data durability and availability guaranteed by our SimpliDrive SLG
  • Distributed backend architecture and auto-healing enhance availability

Why NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India?

Flexible licensing options

Flexible licensing options along with a versatile range of compute blocks

Multiple hosting options

Assess and meet performance and memory needs on the go.

Connectivity to all pay-as-use services

Digitally led services that stay connected wherever you are.

Complete monitoring & tracking

Track all applications with insightful analytics for quick decision-making.


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