• Manage complex workloads using cloud-based SimpliVault solution

Backup made easy and secure

SimpliVault is our cloud-based backup service to effectively manage all your available data types, including structured and unstructured workloads. In an era of digital convergence and hyper connectivity, data has become a strategic asset. The need for a robust backup and recovery system to protect your data is of critical importance. We provide you with complete control over your data, allowing you to secure it as per your specific requirement.


SimpliVault backs up your critical data and makes it available to your business on-demand. It offers greater flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness than traditional tape-based backup mechanisms. It’s a single tenant client hosting for the basic backup and recovery use cases for virtual machines

Key features


Complete protection

Complete protection
  • Compression, source and target-based De-duplication
  • Encryption on wire and the rest powered with AES 256 bit
  • Online SLA portal with reports and alerts
  • Hypervisor protection (VMWare and Microsoft HyperV)
  • Application consistent protection
  • Application integrated protection
  • Database protection
  • Self-service

Hypervisor service

Hypervisor service
  • Single tenant customer hosting for basic backup and recovery use cases for VMs
  • Hypervisor backup for smaller (30-300GB) virtualized workload, such as web servers
  • Agentless/ proxy-based protection methods
  • Protect and recover VM image, disks and volumes
  • In-place recovery via Self-service portal
  • Out-of-place

File system service

File system service
  • Workloads of any size (web servers, management servers, file servers)
  • Agent-based protection methods
  • Protect and recover files and folders, including open file support, Operating system
  • On-demand backups via Self-service portal
  • Individual file download via Self-service portal

Application service

Application service
  • Application and database workloads of any size
  • Agent-based protection methods
  • .
  • Protect and recover applications, DBs and log files
  • Full application integrated recovery
  • Granular application recovery

Why NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India?

Flexible licensing options

Flexible licensing options along with a versatile range of compute blocks

Multiple hosting options

Assess and meet performance and memory needs on the go.

Connectivity to all pay-as-use services

Digitally led services that stay connected wherever you are.

Complete monitoring & tracking

Track all applications with insightful analytics for quick decision-making.


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