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Virtual Firewall Appliance (VFA)

  • Ready-to-deploy SimpliNet virtual firewalls

Strengthen resilience at the device level

SimpliNet Virtual Firewall Appliance (VFA) makes cloud networking amazingly easy. It is a ready-to-deploy input gateway that provides a firewalled entry point into a virtual server. The VFA is provisioned using a web-based portal and supports TCP and UDP protocols. You can contract SimpliNet VFA in addition to your SimpliCloud infrastructure and create multiple zones if required.

SimpliNet VFA?

There is no limit on the number of SimpliCompute instances (virtual servers) that you can place behind a VFA. The provisioning portal will allow you to manage the firewall by opening and closing ports and defining your own firewall rules and policies. You can also configure your own IPSec VPNs on the firewall and configure the device for maximum protection.

Key highlights

  • Greater resilience at the device level
  • Higher availability through a second network uplink
  • Additional layer of resiliency on the network path
  • Ready-to-deploy input gateway provides a firewalled entry point into virtual server
  • VFA large instance offers site-to-site VPN and dial-up VPN capabilities


  Small Medium Large Extra Large Double Extra Large
Connections 64,000 96,000 500,000 1000,000 2000,000
BW Throughput 30 mbps 100 mbps 300 mbps 600 mbps 900 mbps
# VPN Tunnels 5 50 100
HA Support

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