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Content Delivery Network


Content Delivery Network

Performance, Security, User Experience


Speed, availability and uninterrupted user experience have become critical to today’s online businesses. Enterprises need to rely on secure content delivery networks that have extremely high availability and significant fallback mechanisms.

CDN services from Netmagic enable you to speed up online customer applications, minimize transaction drops and keep up with your fast growing online customer base. You can easily deliver powerful business applications, rich media and dynamic transactions online with unmatched reliability.

The Akamai Partner Advantage for CDN Services

Netmagic has partnered with Akamai Technologies to effectively manage distributed platforms for a global audience. Akamai is one of the world’s largest commercial content delivery network (CDN), with thousands of servers located in almost every major city across the world.

At Netmagic, we host Akamai’s POPs in a carrier-neutral environment that is cached and deliver high bandwidth data to your customers. Akamai allows us to speed up the delivery of content by significantly reducing the load on our servers. Enjoy the power of world’s largest content delivery network provider with seamless online streaming.

Akamai Intelligent Platform makes internet Fast, Reliable & Secure

Content Delivery Network Solution


Web Performance Solutions


Web Performance Solutions

Accelerate websites to grow revenue and conduct business globally - on any device, anywhere

Media & Delivery Solutions


Media & Delivery Solutions

Simplify workflow and deliver the highest quality media affordably and at scale

Cloud Security Solutions


Cloud Security Solutions

Secure websites and data centers to reduce the risk of downtime and data theft



WHY Netmagic CDN Services?


Why Netmagic CDN Services?


  • Accelerate - Faster across the Internet
  • Anticipate - Intelligent Content Preparation
  • Simplify - One Website Design for Any Device
  • Compress - Smaller, Lighter & Faster
  • Deliver - Snappy End User Experience



  • Offload - Simplify & Right-Size Infrastructure
  • 100% Availability - Always Online



  • Insight - Understand end-users
  • Empower - Logic at the edge