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Physical Security
Facilities & Specifications  

We have put in place comprehensive measures to ensure physical security at all our locations. Including:

Security Personnel

Our data centers are staffed with trained security guards 24x7x365, providing on-site incidence management and protection to your mission-critical internet operations. Visitors are screened upon entry to verify their identity and escorted to their appropriate locations. All access history is recorded for audit purposes.

  • Physical security guards Facility 24x7x365
  • Trained security guards on vigil to provide onsite incidence management
  • Quick response to any alarm generated by the security system or fire alarm system


Access Control

In addition to the presence of the security guards, the entries and exits of the facility are fitted with access control devices.

The main entrance is protected by a biometric access device, which maps and verifies the bone structure of a person's hand. The facility has a Mantrap designed to ensure that no unwarranted entry / exit can be made to / from the facility. All areas are protected with Proximity card readers, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed in.

  • Entries and exits of the facility fitted with access control devices
  • All areas protected with Proximity card readers ensure that only entry for only authorized personnel
  • Server Hall entrance is protected by a biometric access device


Video Camera Surveillance

Our facilities are monitored and recorded using video cameras - the images from which are continually scanned by our Security Guards. We also maintain a 30 day HDD based record of the videos in the event of unprecedented mishaps.

  • The complete facility is monitored using CCTV cameras
  • Images from all the cameras are monitored by a dedicated person round the clock
  • DVR capable of recording and storing data for a period of one month for review

IPv6 Readiness Assessment


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