Remote Hands

Remote Hands

  • Smart and efficient outcomes with remote data center capabilities

Smart hands, smart solutions and on-time resolution

Our Remote Hands services are ideal for customers who do not have a local presence or manpower to support data centers onsite. Our technicians cater to technical requirements as per customer guidelines, while being remotely managed by customers’ project or technical teams.


Our remote capabilities help you overcome the challenges involved in frequent site visits and travels that occupy valuable time and resources. Our expertise ensures that all your technical requirements across the spectrum are serviced as per pre-defined SLAs. With our involvement, emergency support is just a click or call away.

How do we help?

Our Hands and Feet support is available in three variants – Remote Hands Support (RHS), Smart Hands Support (SHS) and Project Man-day (PMD). All you need to do is raise an activity request and receive assistance for your routine or emergency tasks. Our engineers are just a log away, working on site or remotely.

Key components

Remote Hands

Trained service technicians execute your instructions, adhering to every step

  • Rebooting or power cycling of equipment
  • Connecting external devices or equipment accessories
  • Escorting onsite representatives to racks
  • Resetting frozen remote sessions
  • Toggling switches, press buttons and select dip-switches
  • Plugging in console port for remote management
  • Visually inspecting network connectivity and server indicators

Smart Hands

Advanced technical and troubleshooting tasks, performed by our service technicians under your guidance

  • OS upgrading
  • Swapping or adding devices
  • Replacing server due to hardware failure
  • Hard disk/SSD transplant

Project Man-Day

A series of tasks requiring more than 4 hours of support, or a skill-set based service for extended durations

  • Adding new servers
  • Select cabling services
  • Auditing
  • Labelling
  • One-time device installation
  • Rack and stack activities
  • Project management
  • Accepting goods (select activities)

Value proposition

We build and maintain high-availability data center operations by handling key tasks related to technical and infrastructure management.

Efficient issue Resolution

Efficient issue resolution

Trained technicians better your chances for accurate and speedy FTR.

Travel hasslese limited

Travel hassles eliminated

Smart and remote hands support can replace unnecessary onsite visits.

Improved Business focus

Improved business focus

Internal resources are better managed and freed up to focus on critical tasks.

better Geographic coverage

Better geographic coverage

Invest confidently even in locations where your business has no presence.

Why NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India?

20 years of experience in colocation infrastructure, data center migration and security



  • Global and local presence gives power, network and ecosystem advantages
  • Unmatched confidence from NTT’s financial security and investment capability


  • Easy transition to different environments through diverse carrier-neutral solutions
  • Commercial models that fit every business requirement


  • Globally benchmarked solutions from an industry leader in data centers
  • Industry-best practices in colocation and managed hosting services
Ease of doing business

Ease of doing business

  • Consolidated contract and service agreements are available for ICT services.
  • End-to-end capability means ready support for cross-functional issues.

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