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DR services augmented by infrastructure, network, management and automation services

Meet disruption head-on

Disruptions come in all shapes and sizes. Not all service disruption is due to natural disasters. Something as innocuous as a judgement error can cost your business millions in terms of data loss and unpredicted downtime. Business continuity is not an option today; it’s a mandate. With disruption becoming an inexorable reality, businesses are making their mission-critical systems available and responsive. The cost of downtime can be significant, in terms of user satisfaction, profitability and brand value. Urgency, data integrity and consistency in continuity services – from the customer-facing applications to back-end database – are now part of every business plan.

Innovative solutions delivered through our global partners

We help you meet the desired Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of your business. Our end-to-end Data Resiliency framework is backed by robust infrastructure, and extensive data center, network, security and cloud managed services, as well as automation solutions.

2,500+ customers depend on our expertise to keep their systems up and available in the face of uncertainty. In the last 10+ years, we have handled hundreds of actual DR drills for our readiness assessments. No matter where your data is hosted, we can help plan, design and manage a high-functioning DR site. Our global presence, and a fully compliant hosting environment add to this unique value proposition.

Our service offerings

End-to-end disaster recovery services that provide continuity, availability and compliance, customized to your specific needs.


Multiple options for disaster recovery site, including hosted physical infra, private cloud, hot and warm physical sites as well as DR on cloud.


Optimized cloud infrastructure supported by automated replication, failover and failback operations, workflow management, verification and reporting.

DR Consulting and Managed Services

Keep business continuity going with timely patch and OS management, DR drills, backup & storage, remote hands support, and other advanced services.

Disaster Recovery as a Service – Core Components

Explore SimpliVault, a complete managed data protection service with remote back-up capabilities

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Value proposition

We are able to cater to the most complex DR requirements. Our DR and cloud TCO result in considerable cost savings and efficiency – to the tune of 30%.

Flexibility of infrastructure availability

  • Next-generation data centers that double as DR sites
  • Robust infrastructure across multiple seismic zones
  • DR automation tools for failover, failback and replication services

End-to-end service provider

  • Investment and innovation opportunities, as part of NTT Group
  • 10+ years of experience in automated and cloud-based DR
  • Fully managed solutions across entire DR lifecycle

Highly customizable offerings

  • DR on public, private/hyperscale or virtual private cloud
  • In-house or third-party data center options
  • Active-active, active-passive, cold, hot or warm sites

Replication, recovery and failover

  • Primary and DR connected through MPLS
  • Industry-leading technologies for data replication
  • Planned DR drills to evaluate effectiveness

Lower TCO

  • Cost-effective solutions through DR hosted on Cloud
  • Pay-as-you-use service availability
  • Cost and segmentation based on workload

One-stop shop

We’re here when, where and how you need us. From the complete suite of data center services to complex multicloud solutions, we have it all.

Workload-focused approach

As a flexible service provider, we cater to a range of businesses, from SMEs to large enterprises. You have the flexibility of starting small and expanding to your entire organization as you go.

Small DR Site

1-5 Protected servers/VMs

Medium DR Site

6-25 Protected servers/VMs

Large DR Site

25+ Protected servers/VMs


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