DR Automation Services

Automate key aspects of your recovery process and improve efficiencies

Streamline recovery process across platforms

We empower you to build and manage a robust DR system, delivering availability and performance with desired turnaround times. Automate key DR processes, including replication, workflows and failover/failback to drastically reduce operational risks and improve efficiency. Encourage proactive control through centralization and real-time reporting that enhances visibility. Empower your business through advanced dashboards, on-time availability of sensitive data, and improved Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Backed by our large and well-connected, secure infrastructure that’s distributed across multi-seismic zones, advanced automation and end-to-end managed services capabilities, we ensure that your critical systems continue to be available and responsive under the most adverse of circumstances.

DR Automation Service

Working with Zerto, we provide a highly effective Cold DR solution – an on-demand DR on cloud. This agile solution helps you build high resilience into your IT infrastructure, with multi-cloud support. Our Cold DR solution enables businesses with the reduction of overall TCO, since data gets replicated to a persistent storage and no compute resources are utilized at the DR site. In case of disaster, we can quickly spin up VMs in fully functional mode with required compute resources.

Key components

Automation of DR workflow and testing

We offer a spectrum of support for major enterprise application and database workflows. Automated recovery reduces manual efforts and last-minute issues.

Automated failover and

We ensure error-free, automated failover and failback operations, with workflow automation and dashboards to monitor data replication.

Continuous data

Ensures that the data gets replicated to the disaster site and is monitored through a unified platform that gives insights to your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

Value proposition

Single unified

Provides continuous data replication to get view of business objectives

Design solutions to meet RPO and RTO

Meets the needs of applications through meticulous planning, development and implementation

Automation of DR workflow/testing

Enterprise-class disaster recovery tools enable reduction in manual/labor cost by up to 80%.


Monthly DRaaS service with subscriptions, including per VM per month. Elastic billing model for infrastructure.

Why NTT-Netmagic?

Reduce risk and meet targets

Real-time, continual monitoring and predictions of RTO and RPO

Simplify and accelerate DR

Use automated runbooks and processes with predefined workflows

Reduce recovery time and PEX

Avail simplified solutions using recovery automation library patterns

Increase availability

Use intelligent workflow management to manage DR and resiliency


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