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DQ Live Business Technology Conference & Awards 2015

Location: Mumbai

Mumbai: Netmagic is the Cloud partner DQ Live Business Technology Conference & Awards 2015, being held at Hyatt Regency on 19th August, 2015.

The coming together of technology forces like cloud, mobility, analytics, social, augmented reality, unified communications, digital design, and wireless communications amongst others have redefined the architecture of organizations. This has led to the possibility of new ways of accessing business value and thereby made new business models possible. Together, they point towards the creation of a digital enterprise. IT's role has gone beyond that of being the information function, technology has led to new ways of creating business value. These trends herald the dawn of the digital enterprise.

DQ Live 2015 will focus on these aspects of building digital mastery. The conference will focus on:

  1. Identifying the right priorities to deploy digital technologies
  2. Use cases of how digital technologies transform business functions
  3. Capabilities and competencies required to transform an organization into a digital enterprise
  4. Defining digital leadership by creating the right vision, governance, engagement models, and IT-business relationships

As the Cloud Partner, Netmagic will also be presenting a session and will be contributing to a panel discussion.

The details of these follow:

19th Aug 2015



CIO MANIFESTO: Social - Mobile - Analytics – Cloud
a. Basant Kumar Charturvedi, CIO, PVM India
b. Anjani Kumar, CIO, Safexpress
c. Nivedita.kumar, CIO, Sony Music
d. Shashi Mohan, CIO, Intellect Design Arena
e. Nitin Mishra, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Netmagic


Leveraging Hybrid Clouds to Achieve Maximum Efficiency and Productivity
By: Nitin Mishra, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Netmagic

You can view the entire agenda at:

Event Venue: Hyatt Regency

Event Start Date: 19 Aug, 2015