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FAQs for InfraMonitor service
Everything you want to know about InfraMonitor

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  • Service related FAQ's

    What does ‘InfraMonitor’ mean?

    InfraMonitor is Netmagic’s 24 X 7 automated Infrastructure monitoring services that enable monitoring of availability and performance parameters so that you can take proactive actions to ensure optimum service operations and high uptime. This service covers all layers of infrastructure including - network, storage, operating systems, databases, middleware, security and select applications.

    How does ‘InfraMonitor’ service help?

    With ‘InfraMonitor’ service, customer gets near real time as well as historical data for monitored Infrastructure which enables taking proactive actions to maintain high uptime and trend analysis for future capacity planning. 24 X 7 automated service offers following benefits:
    1)Comprehensive information on health, availability and performance of IT systems
    2)Infrastructure performance reports and single view dash board for entire hosted Infrastructures under monitoring.
    3)Graphical representation of near real time as well as historical data for management review
    4)Capability to consolidate views as per business, application or service models

    How do I subscribe for ‘InfraMonitor’ service?

    As a Netmagic customer, you can subscribe for ‘InfraMonitor’ service by signing Netmagic’s Service Order Form (SOF) detailing product codes of required service, e.g. product codes for required Infrastructure component to be monitored, product codes for Poller infrastructure if required, product codes for Poller infrastructure set up if required, etc.

    From where will I get the details on Pre-requisite for subscribing InfraMonitor?

    If you are an existing customer, your AM can assist with necessary details or if you are not an existing customer, you can contact us @ 1800 103 3130 or mail us @ post which a Netmagic Account Manager will get in touch with you for details and further action.

    Does ‘InfraMonitor’ service also monitors the Infrastructure hosted outside Netmagic DC?

    Basic pre-requisite for monitoring IT Infrastructure component is IP connectivity. IT Infrastructure component(s) hosted outside Netmagic DC can be monitored using ‘InfraMonitor’ service provided:
    1)IP connectivity is available to reach up to component
    2)Minimum of 256 kbps of bandwidth for connectivity
    3)Pre-requisites of the InfraMonitor service are met. Kindly refer the spec-sheet for the pre-requisites.

    Can I change the parameter threshold value for warning and critical alerts on monitored Infrastructure?

    Netmagic configures and sets default parameter threshold values for warning and critical alerts by default, at the very beginning. If customer provides different value(s), Netmagic will set custom threshold at the time of initial setup configuration. During run time of service, to customize the parameter threshold value, customer can either raise change request with Netmagic Technical Support Team.

    Does this service allow me to create groups within the monitored Infrastructure?

    This service provides three levels of grouping, as listed below:
    1)Application Group (level 1) – Created on basis of host list
    2)Service Group (level 2) – Created on basis of Application list (Multiple Application groups)
    3)Business Group (level 3) – Created on basis of Service list (Multiple Service groups)
    If provided Netmagic can create required groups at the time of service setup. During runtime of service, customer can raise change request to create / delete / modify groups or can create / delete / modify groups using functionality available in MyNetmagic customer portal.

    Can I put the host in multiple groups (two different application groups)?

    Yes, a single host can become part of one or multiple application(s) / application group(s). Similarly an application group can be part of one or multiple service group(s) and a service group can be part of one or multiple business group(s). Functionality to create / delete / modify group is available on MyNetmagic customer portal.

    Does ‘InfraMonitor’ service monitor all Infrastructure components in network?

    InfraMonitor service is available in shared and distributed model. Irrespective of shared or distributed set up, this service leverages NGmon, a best-in-class monitoring tool which is part of Netmagic’s integrated Service Management Platform (SMP). Kindly note shared model requires public access to monitor infrastructure whereas Distributed model ensures monitoring of Infrastructure component in private LAN.

    What is the architecture of ‘InfraMonitor’ service?

    InfraMonitor service is available in shared and distributed model. Irrespective of shared or distributed set up, this service leverages NGmon, a best-in-class monitoring tool which is part of Netmagic’s integrated Service Management Platform (SMP).Distributed model ensures monitoring of Infrastructure component in private LAN. Key differences between Shared and Distributed service model are:

    Can I get dedicated instance of monitoring? OR Can Netmagic integrate monitoring tool with my tools?

    Netmagic offers ‘InfraMonitor’ service leveraging components of integrated Service Management Platform (SMP), viz. NGmon (best-in-class monitoring tool), MyNetmagic (Single window customer portal for customer to view reports, ticket tracking, SLA calculation, etc.) and NBSS (Business Support System that automates ticketing & maintains ordering details). Based on requirement, solution and SOW needs to be defined either for setting up dedicated monitoring instance or for integration of required SMP component with customer environment.

    What is the polling interval for collecting parameter data? And from where one can check the collected parameter details?

    NGmon, Netmagic collects the data from monitored infrastructure at an interval of one minute. You can check the collected parameter details on MyNetmagic customer portal.

    At what interval collected parameter can be viewed on MyNetmagic?

    NGmon, Netmagic collects the data from monitored infrastructure at an interval of one minute. The Service Management Platform (SMP) integrates the data collected by NGmon in to MyNetmagic portal for customer view. Portal provides flexibility to customer to select the required data refresh interval, available refresh interval are:
    1)1 Minute
    2)5 Minutes
    3)10 Minutes
    4)Custom / manual refresh
    For performance analysis, trend of a particular parameter can be plotted / viewed on portal for following intervals:
    1)Last 4 hours – 1 minute samples
    2)Last 25 hours – 1 minute samples
    3)One week – 5 minute samples
    4)One month – 30 minute samples
    5)One year – 360 minute samples
    6)Custom duration (maximum data of last one year)

    Can I download and save the parameter data for future reference? If yes which all formats possible?

    Yes, MyNetmagic portal provides facility to download the plotted parameter graph details in either of PDF or Excel file format.
    1)PDF format gives graphical view of data.
    2)Excel format provides tabular view of data.

    Instead of downloading parameter trends from MyNetmagic can I define schedules for reports?

    Standard reports that assists in SLA calculation, can be downloaded from MyNetmagic portal. Report generation facility is available only for customer admin login. Customer admin can generate reports per host or per application group or per service group or per business group. Customer admin can also schedule reports to receive at desired frequency and can set different mail IDs for reports of desired Infrastructure group. Reports can be scheduled for daily, weekly or monthly frequency or can be generated for one time. Reports can be for duration of:
    2)Last 7 / 30 days
    3)Last month
    4)From Beginning of Month
    5)From Beginning of Year
    6)For current Quarter
    7)Custom selection (Last X days OR from X to Y Date)
    From portal customer admin can schedule or generate following reports:
    1)Availability report 2)Performance Top N
    3)Performance Bottom N
    4)Latency report
    5)Inventory report
    6)Bandwidth threshold violation report
    7)Utilization report (CPU / Memory / Interface)

    Does reporting module of service provide consolidated view or summary view for monitored Infrastructure?

    Yes, Dashboard on MyNetmagic portal gives consolidated or summary view of monitored infrastructure.

    Can MyNetmagic portal show group wise dash-boards?

    Yes, dashboard visible on MyNetmagic portal after selection of required Application / Service / Business group will show consolidated or summary view for performance of monitored infrastructure covered under the selected group.

  • Technology related FAQ’s

    Which platform does ‘InfraMonitor’ use to deliver service?

    Netmagic delivers the service through NGmon, a custom developed best-in-class monitoring tool built using tools used by leading service providers The tool integrates the collected availability, health & performance data on to MyNetmagic, customer portal, from where you can get near real time as well as historical data for monitored infrastructure.

    What are the technologies that ‘InfraMonitor’ supports?

    Service covers all layers of infrastructure including, network, storage, operating systems, databases, middleware, security and select applications. The Table below lists the technologies supported:

    Does ‘InfraMonitor’ service supports open source?

    Yes, monitoring of open source technologies like MySQL is possible through ‘InfraMonitor’.

    Can I monitor end user devices (e.g. PC / Laptop / Printer / Fax machine / etc.) using ‘InfraMonitor’?

    InfraMonitor service monitors hosted IT Infrastructure components of Data Center only, as of now monitoring of end user equipment like PC / Laptop / Printer / Fax machine is not covered under InfraMonitor.

    Can I monitor performance of my web application using ‘InfraMonitor’ service?

    Currently the SOW of InfraMonitor service covers monitoring of hosted IT Infrastructure components inside a Netmagic Data Center. In addition to this, service also monitors the URL availability of web applications. For Application Performance Management, Netmagic offers a wide range of capabilities through partnership with Compuware. Please contact your account manager to get more details of the same.

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) related FAQs

    What are the SLAs for ‘InfraMonitor’ service?

    Netmagic offers an industry leading committed uptime of 99.95%, but unlike other providers who base this on a trailing yearly period, Netmagic's commitment of 99.95% is based on a trailing monthly period.Netmagic maintains the Service in Proper Operational Condition and maintains an uptime of 99.9% availability of Netmagic’s monitoring infrastructure. For more details on SLA please get in touch with your AM or contact us @ 1800 103 3130 or mail us @ Your Account Manager will get in touch with you for more details on service SLA.

    How does customer get notifications in-case of parameter threshold violation?

    In case of threshold violation for any of the parameters getting monitored or device unavailability, Netmagic sends an email notification to customer. Service Management Platform sends an email to technical contact person / given mail ID as provided at the time of setup.

  • Service Assurance related FAQs

    In-case of Distributed ‘InfrMonitor’ service, do I also need to put the local Poller infrastructure under monitoring?

    Yes, for distributed InfraMonitor service Netmagic will recommend the required poller infrastructure, designed for the number of devices, to be under Netmagic management. Netmagic will design required Poller infrastructure considering high-availability. Netmagic offers ‘InfraMonitor’ service uptime and SLA for Netmagic’s monitoring Infrastructure which includes Netmagic Poller infrastructure at respective DCs. Hence Netmagic recommends Poller infrastructure should be managed and in HA.

    The monitoring platforms collects the data from monitored Infrastructure over the Internet, so Is the ‘InfraMonitor’ service secure?

    Netmagic follows best practices for system administration to ensure security of the monitored infrastructure. Also the data transfer over Internet is through secure IPSec VPN tunnel. However for comprehensive security posture of the monitored infrastructure customer is recommended to procure third party security software and services.

    To whom should I contact for any assistance or any query related to ‘InfraMonitor’ service?

    Get in touch with your AM or contact us @ 1800 103 3130 for any assistance on ‘InfraMonitor’ service. If the query is technical in nature AM or service desk will connect you with the respective technical person from Netmagic for further assistance.

  • Billing related FAQs

    What is the billing model for InfraMonitor service?

    ‘InfraMonitor’ is delivered in SaaS model, details for which are:

    How do you charge for local Poller Infrastructure?

    Poller infrastructure should be in HA and under Netmagic management. Applicable charges are:
    1)Management of Poller Infrastructure
    2)Hosting of Poller Infrastructure
    3)Recurring charges for hardware and software in Poller infrastructure

    What will be the billing periodicity for ‘InfraMonitor’ service?

    For billing and Invoicing Netmagic has following billing periodicity.
    1)Monthly advance
    2)Quarterly advance
    3)Half yearly advance
    4)Yearly / annually advance
    Customer can select either of the above mentioned billing periodicity for InfraMonitor service or can regularize the billing periodicity with his existing services if any.

    How will billing get impacted in-case of increase or decrease in number of monitored device?

    Get in touch with AM to increase or decrease in number of monitored devices, in-case of increase in monitored number of devices service needs to be subscribed for required additional number of devices. In-case decrease AM will deactivate the service for required number of devices considering the notice and respective clause as per the Netmagic MSA. Accordingly billing will increase of decrease.