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Web Application Performance Management  

How We Do It?


Real-User Monitoring

The Gomez Browser and Mobile Real-User Monitoring solutions measure performance directly from your users’ browsers and mobile devices, allowing you to analyze performance by geography, browser, ISP and device.


Synthetic Monitoring

Gain an "outside-in" perspective on web performance and availability by monitoring from more than 150,000 real-world Internet backbone and true Gomez Last Mile locations. Receive instant notification when errors happen along any part of the application delivery chain. Quickly determine the root cause of problems before they impact your business and damage your brand.


Streaming Media Monitoring

Protect the quality of streaming media experiences for end users around the world. WebSmart offers two methods — synthetic and browser real-user streaming monitoring - to rapidly identify delivery problems with a CDN or quality issues impacting end users in different geographies.


Rich Internet Application Monitoring (RIA)

RIA offers companies an interactive and compelling way to engage with customers. WebSmart provides a quick and easy way to record complex RIA interactions (with technologies such as AJAX, Silverlight, Flex and Flash), set up operational monitoring and optimize RIA performance for end users. Alerts provide instant notifications when RIA quality issues arise anywhere across multiple browsers, devices, geographies and users.


Mobile Application Monitoring

The WebSmart on-demand mobile monitoring solution supports all major phone platforms, including iOS, Android OS, BlackBerry OS, Palm OS, Symbian OS and multiple-feature phone operating systems.


Multi-Browser Monitoring

  • WebSmart allows you to test and monitor the performance, functionality and compatibility of your web and mobile sites across different browsers and devices. Unlike other web performance monitoring tools, WebSmart helps you measure and optimize the performance of each day’s composite web and mobile sites and applications across all of today’s top browsers and mobile devices.


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