• Meet regulatory demands while improving competitive advantage

Enabling the media powerhouses of the future

The media industry is going through a revolutionary phase. With changing structural consolidations, the renewed focus on media and OTT streaming, and the resurgence of video gaming, the industry is gearing up for radical growth. Content is king, and the way it is created, marketed and promoted defines the future of a company. But delivering an always-on and connected user experience demands exceptional capabilities in terms of content aggregation, speed-to-market, targeted advertising and infrastructure availability.

Enabling high-quality and consistent media delivery

We enable media companies to provide enriched digital experiences to their customers. Our optimized ICT support draws improved focus on what matters most to companies. By partnering with us, you get powerful and reliable infrastructure solutions to overcome challenges in ad campaigning, audience measurement, managing an increasingly diverse and siloed agency roster, tracking business costs, improving margins and realizing ROI.

Our expertise in hosting and infrastructure management helps to minimize disruption, enabling you to focus your efforts on creating value-adding customer experiences. As an established service provider in media circles, we have a repository of tried-and-tested use cases that have found success. Our ready solutions for media involve everything from content storage, archival and retrieval to container platforms, cloud interconnect and edge computing.

Our service offerings

Hosting and infrastructure management

Stay secure and in control of data with high-end, automated or edge data centers

Multi-cloud and containersation services

Powerful containersation services to build scalable applications, leveraging SimpliCloud


Lean on proven disaster recovery services for assured business continuity


Defend against threats and neutralize volumetric attacks through flagship MitiDDoS solution.

Content and Data Management

Comprehensive Object Storage Service, performance storage & service

Cloud Interconnect Services

Enables faster and easier burst into hyperscale cloud

Value proposition

Helping media businesses deliver compelling user experience through innovative and engaging solutions

Comprehensive ICT services

End-to-end offerings, including fiber-rich data centers and 24x7 Managed Services from a single CSP

Unparalleled service quality

High-quality, secure and reliable blended bandwidth from multiple providers

Rich industry expertise

2,500 clients, including Indian media companies, with ready solutions

High-impact Cyber Security

24x7 SOC and information security services that fortify overall business security posture

Leading Cloud platforms

Expertise in multi-cloud management, through homegrown and market-leading cloud solutions

Adherence to regulations

Deep understanding of compliance, with SOC1, SOC2 certified services

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