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Facilities Infrastructure

Facilities Infrastructure

NTT-Netmagic Facilities Specifications


A quick tour of our data center reveals that our facilities are engineered to offer a superior infrastructure for continuous Internet operations that support availability, reliability and scalability.

  • 9 World-class Data centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi. ISO 27001 (BS-7799 2),ISO 20K, PCI-DSS certified

  • Redundant world-class UPS systems with redundant Diesel Generator Backup

  • Redundant Precision climate control systems
  • Scalable Connectivity with Multiple Levels of Redundancy (Over 10 Gbps last mile connectivity)

  • Fire Detection/Suppression – NOVEC 1230, HSSD

  • Physical Security – Biometrics, 24x7 guards, surveillance
data center infrastructure

So how do we do it?

Our data centers combine high-speed Internet backbones with robust peering agreements to ensure speedy and effective distribution of data and are designed to eliminate even a single point of failure.

  • Complete redundancy on all systems
  • Robust peering agreements
  • Local loop connectivity across data centers
  • Designed for availability, reliability and scalability
  • Carrier Neutral Bandwidth Services

At NTT-Netmagic, all our state-of-the-art facilities are engineered for complete redundancy on all systems. This ensures that if even one of the components were to fail, the remaining 'n' components would automatically take up the load with absolutely no reduction in the level of performance of the data center.

Migration Service Capability



  • Big Bang
  • Phase-wise
  • DR Invoke
  • Bubble Setup

Migration Type

  • Physical to Physical
  • Physical to Logical
  • Logical to logical (Same hypervisor)
  • Logical to logical (Inter-Hypervisor)

Type of clients

  • Direct: Government, BFSI, Manufacturing
  • NTT DC migrations

Expertise Built

  • 2-3 migrations per month
  • 1 week to 6 months timeline per migration

Nature of Service

  • Customised solution
  • Consultative approach
  • Multi-partner co-ordination

Success Metric

  • Consultative approach
  • Accurate downtime sizing
  • 100% success rate