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Visibility, Scalability, Coverage  



Visibility, Scalability, Coverage



The growing complexity of today’s physical and virtual infrastructure is making it increasingly difficult to deliver visibility and correlation across an entire infrastructure of technologies. Customers need to deliver operational analytics to gain end-to-end actionable insights across the entire Infrastructure.

Netmagic’s InfraMonitor service enables monitoring of availability and performance parameters of infrastructure so that one can take proactive actions to maintain high uptime. Netmagic delivers this service through NGmon, a best-in-class monitoring tool that is part of Netmagic’s integrated Service Management Platform (SMP). The Platform integrates the collected availability, health & performance data to MyNetmagic portal. It gives enterprises the ability to get near real time as well as historical data for their infrastructure.



  • 100% scalable architecture: Add remote sites or OS / App / Device as your network grows.
  • ZERO lock in: Walk out if you are not happy with results!
  • Comprehensive: With a readymade platform concentrate more on core business instead of managing multiple platforms. 24 X 7 monitoring with single view dashboard for entire IT infrastructure.
  • Cost Optimized: Pay only for YOUR device under monitoring; mitigate risk of ROI.
  • Powerful Analytics: Comprehensive information on health of your systems, thresholds, alerts. Sophisticated alerting & reporting keeps you on top of the situation.


Why Netmagic InfraMonitor?

Comprehensive Coverage

  • 24 X 7 monitoring with single view dashboard for entire IT infrastructure
  • Extensive oversight across all layers of infrastructure including software, network, storage, operating systems, database middleware security and select applications
  • Comprehensive coverage of over 1000 parameters

Powerful Monitoring Tools

  • Dynamic Baselining / Thresholds
  • Event Correlation
  • Early Warning / Predictive Alerts
  • Probable Root Cause Analysis
  • Software updates, platform uptime

Unified Analytics

  • Integrated analytics, reporting and real-time alerts
  • Automated ‘first-cause’ analysis that group together related alerts to provide a holistic view of any incident that occurs
  • Graphical representation of near real time as well as historical data for management review.
  • Capability to consolidate views as per business, application or service models

Cost Optimized

  • Ready-to-use platform, with minimal investment in technology and human resources
  • No Technology lock in
  • Pay-as-you-go model - Pay only for your device under monitoring