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Infrastructure Security

Managed IPS/UTM/NGFW or Managed Firewall

NTT-Netmagic’s ‘Managed Firewall’ service is an integrated offering of appliance, hosting and management deploying an optimal level of network security. NTT-Netmagic takes the end-to-end operational ownership of the firewall throughout the asset life-cycle.

Why Managed IPS/UTM/NGFW or Managed Firewall

Check and maintain access control for users

IP / Port / Zone configuration

NAT / PAT configuration

Configuring requested access control list (ACL) policies

Image upgrade / Firmware upgrade (reactive support)

Routine connection tests

IPSec VPN / SSL VPN configuration

Multicast configuration (if device supports)

Software update and patch management after verification

Troubleshooting, problem identification, RCA1& resolution.


MitiDOS Managed DDOS


NTT-Netmagic’s MitiDOS Managed DDOS Mitigation Services detects and surgically mitigates DDOS attack traffic targeted towards clients infrastructure

Why MitiDOS Managed DDOS

Detection of DDOS attacks is automated and employs a mix of methods to cover the varying nature of attacks 24X7

A 24X7 Security Operations Center (SOC) from its delivery facilities in Mumbai that is continuously monitoring security events, such as DDOS, analysing the events and initiating necessary actions to thwart the security incident

NTT-Netmagic MitiDOS managed DDOS mitigation service uses a scrubbing centre in the cloud that makes deployment extremely easy

Additionally, NTT-Netmagic provides the capability to protect from low volume Application DOS attacks as well as volumetric attacks up to 1Tbps

A true Security as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides a pay-per- use model