Thought-provoking insights shaped by the latest technology developments


Thought-provoking insights shaped by the latest technology developments

Technology trends that transform the world

Over 20 years of market experience, strong industry partnerships and a remarkable global footprint have given us tremendous insights into how technology can transform business landscapes and open new growth opportunities. Our library of resources shares with you these innovative perspectives and expertise, which in turn will help you understand your sphere of business better.

White papers

Do a deep-dive into the latest technology trends and innovations leading transformation across diverse industry sectors.

Case Study

We’re transforming businesses through our groundbreaking innovations, global capabilities, 24x7 support and on-time service delivery. Learn how we’re taking our clients’ businesses to the next level through our commitment and involvement.


Access unlimited insights into breaking trends, innovations and service capabilities with just the click of a button.


Were investing in growing our portfolio of great content. Get direct insights from our technology experts on whats new and trending in your industry.

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Get content from our subject matter experts and leading industry analysts on the latest technology trends.

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Click below to view NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure India media coverages organized in order of publication.

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