SD-WAN Requirements for Multi-Cloud Management

  • Aug 12, 2019
  • 1 min read
SD-WAN Requirements for Multi-Cloud Management

In today’s digital era where organizations are constantly seeking flexibility and agility to respond to business demands, cloud has emerged as the go-to strategy. Many-a-times, it is more than one cloud platform (public, private, hybrid) and even provider. In fact, choosing different cloud providers for different workloads to get best-of-breed services is increasingly becoming the norm. Multi-cloud environments have not only entered the enterprise IT space, but are ruling it and will define its future.

There are several reasons (right from vendor neutrality, cost optimization, business agility, and risk management) that have led to this phenomenal rise of the multi-cloud spectrum. That said, CIOs are faced with a new set of complexities and challenges associated with this new world. One major challenge is related to performance and availability concerns of traditional WAN. In this regards, CIOs are seeking answers to some key questions.

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