Top 3 Reasons for CIOs to Choose SAP Hosting Services

  • Nitin Mishra
  • Feb 08, 2017
  • 4 min read
Top 3 Reasons for CIOs to Choose SAP Hosting Services

Here are the top three reasons why CIOs should opt for SAP Hosting Services from a credible and experienced service provider to host, manage and run the mission-critical ERP ecosystem for their businesses.

As IT-as-a-Service phenomenon is increasingly catching on, businesses are getting confident to finally outsource the management of ecosystem that runs their mission-critical, core applications. Thanks to more robust technology solutions now available and proliferation of cloud computing, enterprises are fast adopting the new service off the block – Managed SAP Hosting Services.

Until recently, it was a commonly perceived notion that IT teams should outsource non-critical, peripheral IT functions and keep core applications closer to heart. However, outsourcing, as-a-Service approach, and cloud computing proved to be the winning strategies that allowed enterprise IT to derive a far better value of their investments and enable their organizations to become nimbler and more responsive to market changes.

Thus, it is now increasingly making more logical and business sense to CIOs to engage industry experts in handling their core IT application ecosystem. This means that IT teams can rather focus more on enabling the better technology-led empowerment of business, and digital transformation of the business.

Managing SAP application ecosystem and maintaining the relevant infrastructure – once the core, unifying thread of business-technology alignment – is now being considered to be the prime opportunity within enterprise IT paradigm to be outsourced. More and more organizations are opening up to leverage the fruitful approach to outsourcing core IT functions such SAP hosting and management, and in turn, augment the core business.

If you are still evaluating the approach, here are the top three reasons why you should opt for SAP Hosting Services from a credible and experienced service provider to host, manage and run the mission-critical ERP ecosystem for your business, including traditional SAP environments and new-age SAP S/4HANA platform along with diverse database platforms such as Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase or HANA.

#1: Gain Unprecedented Operational Responsiveness
Last few years have revolutionized the way markets behave. The start-up culture and the drastic change in the way a consumer measures productivity and consumes products and services have led markets to experience constant innovation, experimentation, and disruption.

To respond to such ever-so-dynamic changes, enterprise IT teams have to continuously struggle to keep pace with rapid technological developments, face the skillset challenges, and battle with doing more with less, especially while managing the SAP hosting and management all by themselves. SAP Hosting Services reduce organizational headache to a very large extent and offer unprecedented operational agility to make business more responsive, with its flexible infrastructure that suits most of the complex SAP environments.

Leveraging industry best practices for SAP deployments, availability of experienced skill sets and IT resources, the SAP hosting service provider not only helps organizations to enjoy better scalability, flexibility, and agility, but also helps meet even the most ambitious and difficult performance requirements needed to respond to market changes.

#2: Improve the Organizational Productivity
The service provider helps maintain the hardware, storage and network, handle agile infrastructure provisioning, support the SAP ecosystem, and manage databases and more to free up enterprise IT resources from the drudgery of routine maintenance.

A certified, seasoned SAP Hosting service provider helps an organization with dedicated, co-located or managed or on-cloud hosting of SAP while offering day-to-day management of the application platform and optimization of the SAP environment with easy access to skilled resources and new technologies.

The service provider continuously analyses the existing SAP model at play. Leveraging such analyses, the SAP-expert service provider studies workloads, monitors change requests and optimizes application components. The vendor helps IT teams determine potential opportunities for optimization, and enable organizations to benefit from the new SAP innovations.

#3: Bolster Business Continuity and Availability
Armed with the rich experience of running disaster recovery and ensuring high availability for multiple clients across diverse verticals, an industry expert service provider can definitely help CIOs boost their business continuity plan. Unless enterprises throw in enough time, effort and money, it’s harder for a business to replicate the round-the-clock data integrity posture and deep security rigor of an established outsourcing or cloud service provider that offers the SAP hosting services.

When it comes to the perceived risk of trusting a service provider with business-critical information, credible service providers leave no stone unturned to gain businesses’ confidence by adopting the highest form of data safety standards, comprehensive security and DR management practices, and robust processes and technologies. By outsourcing SAP hosting to certified, credible service provider, CIOs surely minimize the exposure of their SAP environment to the potential security risks and highly targeted, evolved compromises.

Transparent and measurable SLAs along with 24x7 monitoring of the ecosystem, detailed incident reporting and availability management, automatic software updates, disaster recovery architecture, and layered data security technologies help CIOs gain the peace of mind with the managed SAP hosting.

Thus, it makes a lot of business and technological sense for CIOs to outsource their mission-critical application and database ecosystem, and consider opting for the managed SAP hosting services. This way, instead of being tied down to the chaos of in-house ERP maintenance and management, CIOs and IT teams can have more bandwidth to offer strategic and tactical guidance in planning the future roadmaps and advancements across the core ERP architecture of organizations in sync with their business visions.

Nitin Mishra

Nitin Mishra

Head of Cloud services, NTT Ltd., India

Nitin Mishra is head of Cloud services business in India and also serves as Board Director on some of NTT Ltd’s India companies. The India business is part of NTT Ltd, which is US$11 billion global technology Services arm of the NTT Group. Nitin has almost 25 years of industry experience in the ICT domain and Indian Enterprise market. He has been a key Management member of the erstwhile Netmagic for over 21 years and has played many significant multi-functional roles. Netmagic was acquired by NTT and is now integrated into NTT Ltd.

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