A Global Pharmaceutical Company

  • Aug 21, 2013
A Global Pharmaceutical Company

The client is a global diversified healthcare company devoted to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, nutritional and hospital products and has marketing and distribution facilities across the world.



Netmagic helps pharmaceutical giant outsource and integrate SAP deployment for their acquired entities in India

Business Scenario

The healthcare company had recently acquired a pharmaceutical company with complementary products and global market presence and a generic drugs manufacturer. These acquisitions meant that the client’s IT infrastructure needed to expand to accommodate and integrate a combined SAP user base of about 600 users and manage a 2.5x jump in transaction volumes from previous levels with provisions to grow further in future.


Since it would have been prohibitively expensive and unfeasible for the client to invest the extra CapEx and manage the increased IT overhead, they decided to take the help of an external service provider who could integrate the IT environments of the acquired companies. Netmagic, in collaboration with an IT services company, was selected through a highly competitive RFP bid process.

Value Proposition

One of the differentiators for Netmagic was that it was the first SAP certified datacenter service provider in India and had the infrastructure and processes to support mission-critical SAP environment deployments. This was important for the client since they had to simultaneously outsource their IT infrastructure and accommodate a significant expansion of their SAP environment in the wake of two large acquisitions.


Netmagic provides a comprehensive basket of services for IT infrastructure management. For the client, this meant that as their business grew either through acquisitions or organically, their IT infrastructure could too seamlessly scale up.

In IDC and managed hosting, the Netmagic offerings included colocation services; dedicated hosting servicebandwidth services; managed backup and storage; managed load balancing; and firewall services. In infrastructure management, the Netmagic InfraManage solution covered administration, operations and management of IT infrastructure.


One of the strongest reasons that clients chose Netmagic was the fact that Netmagic offered a depth of capability and expertise well beyond the contracted requirements. This means that when the client needs to scale up their business, they could easily do so without their IT infrastructure and its management becoming a constraint.

Key Takeaways

The solutions provided by Netmagic have been in production for over 2 years now. The SAP environment is stable across the enhanced user community and increased data transaction volume. From an IT perspective, the client’s large acquisitions are well and truly integrated with seamless flow of information and workloads from planning through production and monitoring.

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