A Global Ship Manufacturing Company

  • Aug 22, 2013
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A Global Ship Manufacturing Company

The business enterprise is a major player in the global ship manufacturing industry with a vision to be the best in the world in every aspect with focus on Heavy Engineering.



NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India, enables the Business Continuity Plan for a global ship manufacturing company with its DR on Cloud solution

Business Case

The business enterprise was operating from a high-risk seismic zone and there was a possibility of disruption in business operations in case of the occurrence of a natural calamity due to its location. Any disruption would have led to a loss in business as well reputation of the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise wanted to set up a DR site to ensure business continuity even in the case of a disaster.


NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India, provided the business enterprise with a scalable and economically viable disaster recovery solution on Cloud in different seismic zones. This will ensure that any incident impacting the primary site will not have similar impact at the DR site.

Key Benefits

  • The business enterprise can now provision compute, storage and network resources on-demand in REAL TIME
  • A shift from CapEx to Opex model resulted in significant cost advantages for the enterprise
  • The enterprise is assured of business continuity and an always available DR IT infrastructure to keep its business critical applications up and running even in the eventuality of a disaster


Business Scenario

The business enterprise was operating from a high-risk seismic zone in India. All its business critical and other applications like File Servers &Databases and server infrastructure including ERP servers, Domain controllers, Mail servers etc.were being run from the same location. Being in a high-risk seismic zone, the company wanted to set up a DR site for its business critical and other applications as part of their business continuity planning. Should any disaster strike at the primary site, the DR site should be made up as per defined RTO of 8hrs and running to ensure uninterrupted functioning of business critical and other applications.


Scalability of the proposed DR solution was also a key criterion. The business enterprise wanted to have a scalable DR solution, which could be scaled up on demand considering the future growth and expansion plans. Moreover, this solution also needed to fulfill compliance/audit requirements for the DR siteas per company specifications in another seismic zone and meeting the defined RPO of 2 hrs for ERP application data. Hence, the business enterprise decided to partner with a managed IT hosting service provider who could not only provide it with a robust and an infallible DR infrastructure setup but could also manage it for them.


The business enterprise also had huge data comprising designs and flat files which need to be replicated to the DR server as per defined RPO of 8 hrs, so that all the critical design documents are available to the users during operations from the DR Site.


Solution Snapshot

  • Public Cloud (SimpliCloud)
  • Cloud Storage (SimpliStor)
  • Cloud Firewall and Load Balancer (SimpliNet)
  • Physical Firewall
  • Data Replication (CA ARCserve Replication Software)


Key Takeaways

The benefits of Disaster Recovery on Cloud for the business enterprise have been significant. The company is able to provision compute, storage and network in real time as per business requirements. It can scale up its computing resources vertically as well as horizontally on-demand, deploy cloud servers and applications instantly as per business requirements, and conduct DR drills for testing the efficacy of its DR setup. The replication solution helps reduce recovery time from data loss or damage to meet aggressive Recovery Time Objective (RTO)



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