A Leading Global Telecommunications Company

  • Jan 29, 2013
A Leading Global Telecommunications Company

Netmagic's dedicated hosting service enables a leading global telecommunications company to increase life of its IT infrastructure by 3 years and in turn handle additional growth of 35%


The telecom service provider began operations in India in 1990's and subsequently became one of India’s leading mobile service providers. Using its global expertise from operations in over 31 countries, and a very strong understanding of local markets, it consistently provides its customers the best in the telecom industry.


Responding to an increased demand from its customers to access its services and products anytime anywhere, the company decided to roll out an eCommerce portal that enables its customers to purchase various products online.With space constraints in their own datacenter and the need to provide their customers with a secure and highly available online experience, the telecom service provider decided to partner with the expert team at Netmagic, who could support them at every stage. Read more to find out how this partnership resulted into significant business benefits for the company.

Business Case

With a rapidly growing customer base and the pressing need to service their customers online, the telecom service provider wanted a rapid roll out of its eCommerce portal 'eShop' across India. The eShop enables users to purchase various telecom products online and also serves as a platform for mobile recharge, online bill payments and various other eCommerce initiatives. The company, however, did not want to host the portal internally (due to space constraints in their own datacenter). Moreover, the telecom service provider did not want to compromise on the security of their in-house hosted critical business applications accessed from across its network. Wanting to keep the eCommerce portal and the other business applications separate, the service provider decided to host their eShop with Netmagic. The company had an existing relationship with Netmagic as they had earlier hosted their corporate website with Netmagic and were satisfied with the services provided.


Netmagic offered the telecom service provider dedicated hosting for its corporate website and the eCommerce portal. Additionally, Netmagic provided:


  • IDC & Managed Hosting - Bandwidth, Dedicated Servers, Load Balancer, Firewall, Backup, Colocation, Power
  • Managed Security Services (MSS) - Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT), Intrusion Detection and Prevention (Network and Host), Comprehensive Network Attack Monitoring (CNAM) – and web application firewalls
  • Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) - InfraManage (OS, Database, Network, Security)


Key Benefits

The telecom service provider realized the following key benefits:


  • A highly secure infrastructure enabled by CNAM and VAPT ensures utmost safety of critical end-user information, in compliance with the Information Security Act of India and TRAI guidelines
  • High availability of IT infrastructure and bandwidth along with 99.99% uptime SLA and low latency for their eCommerce portal ensured enhanced and consistent customer experience
  • Upgrading from a 32-bit to 64-bit operating system for servers has increased the life of IT infrastructure by 3 years resulting in cost-reduction and increase in efficiency. Subsequently, the company can now handle 35% additional growth
  • Scalable and flexible IT infrastructure to support future projects and growth
  • Quick turnaround time, round the clock support, maintenance and technical expertise leading to improved performance levels
  • 100% availability and flexible bandwidth to match volatile traffic loads and improving customer experience
  • Significant cost efficiencies as a result of shift from CAPEX to OPEX model
  • Agility to respond to a dynamic business environment


Business Scenario

Following the successful launch of its online portal in Mumbai, the telecom service provider wanted to extend the experience to all its customers in the country. The eCommerce portal enables customers to access and buy various products online, anytime anywhere, hence, the business enterprise wanted a rapid roll out for the portal pan India. The company had an internal datacenter, which hosted its critical business applications that were accessed by its entire network. Hence, there were space constraints to host the portal internally. Moreover, the enterprise did not want to risk the exposure of these critical business applications to the end customers through the eCommerce portal by hosting it along with them in its own datacenter.


Hence, the telecom service provider decided to partner with a managed IT hosting service provider who could provide them with a secure, dynamic and a scalable hosting environment for their eCommerce portal and also manages it.

Value Proposition

Having hosted their website with Netmagic earlier, the telecom service provider was satisfied with Netmagic's agility, expertise and support in offering managed hosting solutions. Hence, they decided to partner with Netmagic again for hosting the eCommerce portal. The flexibility, agility and the personal intervention of the top management were the key factors for choosing Netmagic.


Other factors that helped the telecom service provider in making a decision were: Netmagic's personal approach to the company's problems and their willingness to resolve things, Netmagic team's sound knowledge of the entire datacenter infrastructure that went beyond the framework of a customer-vendor relationship, immediate response to queries or issues, flexible and agile services. Besides, the enterprise wanted a partner who would engage actively in joint solution architecting and be able to develop strategic solutions with lightening speed.


Security of customer information stored on the portal was an important factor for the telecom service provider, especially, from the viewpoint of conforming to guidelines set by Information Security Act and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). There were two aspects to security – Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) for the hardware & network and application security. The business enterprise had also developed some internal processes for security of customer information stored on their portal. Netmagic abided by all the recommended security policies and guidelines. Netmagic also sends monthly reports about possible attacks (if any) to the business enterprise.

The telecom service provider has also availed of Disaster Recovery (DR) services from Netmagic.The enterprise recently did DR implementation for their corporate website, the entire solution based on GSLB (Global server load balancing). Netmagic developed the entire process for the enterprise making it the first of the telecom companies in India to have this kind of a set up where automatic switch over happens should anything happen to their primary infrastructure.


The enterprise also benefited by the solution-on-demand capability of Netmagic.Netmagic handles the complete server management and SLAs for their eCommerce portal.The telecom service provider had initially rolled out infrastructure for the e-commerce portal in 2009 in Mumbai on a pilot basis on servers that were 32-bit. In 2011 when this service was extended to whole of India, the enterprise saw a huge response and the traffic to the portal increased tremendously. To manage the increasing traffic on the portal, the enterprise realized that they needed a highly available infrastructure and any downtime was unacceptable.After discussing the possible options, Netmagic's Database (DB) team suggested moving to a 64-bit operating system and a high availability Oracle 10g RAC server vis-a-vis the existing 32-bit OS to improve the database performance. This was needed, as the enterprise had to upgrade their existing server farm to 64-bit – pull out existing servers and upgrade them from 32-bit to 64-bit and reinstate the hardware. The upgradation from 32-bit to 64-bit resulted in better throughput output from the hardware investments that the telecom service provider had already made.Today the company's entire database and server management for their online properties is taken care of by Netmagic.

Key Takeaways

Agility to respond to customer needs, a scalable infrastructure that can be scaled up or down on-demand, 99.99% uptime SLA and cost effectiveness are some of the business benefits that the telecom service provider has realized out of the engagement with Netmagic. The enterprise has benefited greatly by the flexibility and commitment of Netmagic to suggest various solution options. The business enterprise recently conducted an upgrade of their existing hosted infrastructure from 32-bit to 64-bit configuration with Netmagic. As a result, they have been able to increase the life of their IT infrastructure by almost 3 years and this has in turn helped the company to handle an additional growth of 35%. The utility computing service provisioning model offered by Netmagic is a great value addition by being cost competitive without compromising on quality of service.


The telecom service provider now has dedicated hosted infrastructure, where the entire IT infrastructure requirements: from rack colocation of dedicated servers to firewall and backup solutions are managed by Netmagic. Security levels for IT infrastructure (hardware & network) and application security as recommended by the Information Security Act and TRAI guidelines are well taken care of by VAPT, CNAM services from Netmagic. The enterprise is also the first telecom company in India to have an automatic switch over to the DR infrastructure should anything happens to its primary infrastructure.


The business enterprises’ relationship with Netmagic is akin to working with their dedicated in-house team. In the telecom service provider’s business, speed is of utmost importance as the costs for an opportunity lost can be very high. Round the clock availability of Netamgic's team to resolve even minor issues in the most efficient way ensures that the enterprise does not lose out on any business opportunity.



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