• Dec 21, 2020
  • 2 min read

Facing exponential growth in traffic CarDekho needed to ensure 100% availability of their website, improving responsiveness while ensuring the security of their data and applications.

They wanted to partner with a service provider who could ensure the robust performance of their website and security irrespective of network conditions. This needed to include guaranteed availability alongside improved support, availability and performance.

Partnering with us their security postures are now up to date, and have access to executivelevel dashboards and in-depth security analytics providing them with different views into security events.

Accelerating the online vehicle market
As India’s leading auto portal CarDekho was attracting a huge number of users. Looking at the increased traction, it became imperative that they maintain consistent performance and security. Understanding that their website is an extension of their brand it was critical for them to remain both available and secure. They also wanted to a solution that would minimize the load on their servers.

Partnering for success

After evaluating a host of service providers, they selected our suite of comprehensive security solutions as a result of our ability and expertise. With a global relationship with Akamai and familiarity with the Akamai product portfolio we suggested the Akamai Web Application Firewall guaranteeing performance and availability while safeguarding data and applications.

A secure online environment

By deploying Akamai Web Application Firewall they have ensured robust performance for their website. The company now has 24/7 protection against security threats and an improved user experience. The cloud WAF provides a scalable platform that can be accessed globally, helping them protect themselves against multiple threats to large web applications around the world.

‘Today, thanks to NTT, all our applications are now protected from the largest DDoS threats. Even as our applications change, we are assured that our security posture is upto- date,’ says Naveen Gulati, CIO, CarDekho.

The company has benefitted from improved user experience and better protection. Executive-level dashboards and in-depth security analytics provide different views into security events. This gives the team the capability to proactively act and gain insights into emerging threats.

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