Century Ply gets future ready with SAP HANA

  • Mar 22, 2016
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Century Ply gets future ready with SAP HANA

The system installed at a world class cloud data centre at Mumbai, will also help the decision makers to make faster decisions through real-time analysis and reporting, combined with accelerated business processes.


Century Ply, a dominant player in the plywood, laminate and veneer markets, has become the first company in the enterprise segment in Eastern India , to go live on SAP HANA, migrating from the legacy SAP platform.
Kolkata- headquartered company had implemented SAP AIX Oracle as the database in 2008. “In the course of 8 years, the SAP system has served us well. We have a 20 strong inhouse SAP team who maintained and managed the system for us. We had introduced various modules on SAP like sales distribution, production planning, material management, quality, Finance – controlling , HR- Payroll, “ informed Sabyasachi Ch. Thakur, GM, SAP and IT, Century Ply .
The infrastructure was due for refresh in 2016. Century Ply had two options to choose from- they could continue with Oracle or migrate to SAP HANA. The company chose the latter route. The implementation would be productivity enhancing albeit an arduous one. The in memory architecture runs only on HANA certified hardware. That would prove to be a huge infrastructure cost.
“I realized that now that we were due for an infrastructure refresh this was the ideal time to take the plunge, “ he confirmed.
He deliberated on the move, negotiated with SAP and got the HANA license. Thakur wanted to implement the project on cloud. He went ahead with a tripartite negotiation with server vendors like HP, Cisco, IBM and Dell. After rigorous negotiations the BOQs was finalised. Ernst & Young, NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India, and HP were the technical partners for the project.
The company took three days of downtime in the lean business phase of March across all its 5 factories, 50 warehouses/ branches. This was needed to migrate the data and implement the same in the new SAP HANA production server at the cloud datacentre at Mumbai .
The 450 users in all locations across the country were earlier connected to the Mumbai data centre in the SAP HANA sandbox system. “The migration process went through two dry runs in sandbox and dev/quality servers. All these were done to ensure that the final migration of production setup has zero risk without any business interruption,” he stated.
The SAP HANA project went live on March 15. Subsequently, the company has realised a big boost in the performance. The reports are now being generated at a response time that is 500-600 times faster on an average. In fact, a report that would take 15 minutes in the earlier system is now available in 5 seconds. “Certain backend processes that used to take overnight are now coming on line. The project will make our financial reporting real time and help us perform analytics on our business processes,” he said.
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