Delivering business agility through cloud and SAP modernization for Dizbi

  • Sep 22, 2021
  • 2 min read
Delivering business agility through cloud and SAP modernization for Dizbi

Transforming a legacy SAP application environment to enhance business agility and achieve cost optimization through cloud migration and managed services. As a company that solves real-world problems and presents tangible growth opportunities to customers, Dizbi needed technology partners who could support and manage their large, ever-expanding and always-on infrastructure landscape. Dizbi used SAP’s ERP application (SAP ERP Central Component or ECC) to manage its business-critical operations related to finance, inventory and logistics management. Management and maintenance of the on-premise legacy application was becoming increasingly cumbersome, adversely impacting performance levels.

Dizbi partnered with NTT Global Data Centers and Cloud Infrastructure, India, leveraging NTT’s expertise to move their SAP systems to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Ensuring zero downtime and smooth transition would be critical. NTT also enabled several configurational changes, including a move from Oracle database to Sybase on GCP; migration of data; setting up a highly effective DC-DR architecture using appropriate DRM tools, and provisioning NTT’s SimpliInsight tool to provide real-time insights and analytics into the new application and infrastructure landscape.



Managing complex migrations, maintenance and DR engagements with NTT Dizbi’s current on-premise, legacy SAP environment is critical to finance functions and plant maintenance and materials management.

These legacy systems and infrastructure were unable to scale in step with the company’s growth and were causing performance and latency issues, which led to routine operational challenges. Other challenges include stability issues caused by capacity bottlenecks, routinely compromising business operations.

The existing environment also lacked any form of resiliency. To rectify this, Dizbi wanted to implement a highly responsive DR environment for the SAP environment, which would enable quick and effective data recovery in the event of unforeseen outages.

This led to Dizbi’s decision to collaborate with NTT, driven by the need for a single technology partner with credibility in driving the end-to-end cloud transformation.



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