Delivering outstanding meeting experiences

  • Jul 08, 2022
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Delivering outstanding meeting experiences

The client operates in a dynamic, uncertain, and rapidly evolving marketplace. Their associates are required to work in a highly collaborative environment, to keep pace with the demands of the industry and customers. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, as their associates prepared to return to their workplace, having a robust, best-of-breed, and custom-built collaboration platform that facilitates the evolving needs of a digital workforce became a critical requirement.

Working with us, the client enabled a multi-OEM collaboration solution that boosted productivity, reduced on-site travel, and promoted collaboration while securing significant savings in terms of time and effort.

A digital meeting environment to collaborate seamlessly within and outside the organization
The client’s associates are constantly engaged in building innovative solutions that mitigate risk, create efficiencies, and reduce costs. Following the industry-wide disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the client accelerated efforts to completely transform their existing collaboration platform to give it a more integrated and future-ready outlook. The revamped platform would need to enable more than 1,000 of their associates in Chennai, India, to continue to work and innovate collaboratively - even amid unprecedented disruption.

The client used the Cisco video conferencing platform but wanted also to adopt a futuristic and scalable Zoom-enabled solution that would be able to sync with their existing infrastructure, while also allowing them to connect seamlessly with other conferencing platforms. One of the requirements was also to have interactive small meeting rooms or breakout rooms.

Effective and faster collaboration through a powerful, multi-OEM bundled platform
One of the reasons why the client chose us for the transformation was due to their confidence in our capabilities. This level of trust was established during the course of our existing engagement, where we provided them with infrastructure support. Furthermore, the client realized how the solution we proposed could be leveraged to unlock significant value for their business - and this was a decisive factor in the engagement.

The proposed solution included a multiple-OEM stack with advanced features:

  • The Poly line of video conferencing endpoints (Studio X50 and X70 series) and NEC 4K displays: The endpoints are certified for Zoom while giving the user flexibility to bring their own device to join meetings on other platforms, like WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. The endpoints support 4K Ultra HD calls and content sharing.
  • Neat Collaboration Boards: Certified for Zoom meetings, the Neat Boards came with an immersive 65-inch multi-touch screen, a powerful audio system, and a versatile, 12MP wide-angle camera. The boards are, in effect, a comprehensive Zoom Rooms package, on an all-in-one device.
  • Cisco Desk Series video endpoints (WebEx Desk): The endpoints provided a personalized video conferencing experience on-desk.
  • AV components for integration

Post the deployment of the proposed stack, the users were able to seamlessly collaborate across the region, irrespective of the conferencing platform they used.

  • The 4K video conferencing capability offers excellent video quality for online meetings.
  • The easy-to-use Neat Boards are equipped with intelligent interactive boards bundled with built in cameras, powerful audio with microphones, and advanced features, like annotations and whiteboarding. This made for an outstanding collaboration experience beyond regular video meetings and wireless content sharing.
  • The proposed solution enabled the users to have effective, reliable, and streamlined communication. This in turn increased efficiency, improved productivity and created highly effective and productive meetings.
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